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Le Smoking

28 Apr

I’m usually not the one to wear all white (just always worried about getting dirty and ruining the whole look) but I said, why not? I’ll do it!  Ironically, the day that I decided to wear white, my recycle can in my house was well over capacity and needed to be emptied.

So you may ask, why didn’t I just put it out on the curb? Well, let me just tell you that, even though I’m trying to do my part to decrease my carbon footprint, others seem to think that they can make extra money by charging a fee to pick up recycled items curbside.  So since I do save money in some areas (of course I’m not going to cut back on clothes shopping !), I (well mostly my husband), will take the stuff to a public recycle area.

P.S.- my son seemed to think it would be funny to take a picture of me actually throwing the bag in the dumpster, ha ha!

Blazer: Tahari

Tshirt: Ellen Tracy

Pants: Thrift Store

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Barefeet Shoes

Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

First Lady-Like

28 Apr


I love this suit! Everything about it, from the color, to the shape. It’s a vintage Oleg Cassini. The late Mr. Cassini was french-born but he is considered an American fashion designer because this is where he ran his business.  He became well-known for shaping the entire look of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. I added the ankle booties from Bakers to make the look more modern.

All Wrapped Up

28 Apr

Decided to experiment with headwraps and this is how it turned out. I have tried prefabricated turbans and have few different colors, but this is a DIY version.  I liked how it turned out, but it sure was tight! The only way to get it to stay without sliding was to wrap it tightly, while gently and gradually squeezing my brain over the course of the day, ouch! (what women do for fashion!)

Blouse: Thrift Store

Pants: JCP

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Out of Africa

28 Apr


I was inspired by an African Safari when I put this outfit together.  The straw fedora is representative of the traditional safari hat but gives it a modern update! The drop crotch pants are in place of regular cargos and the high- heeled desert boots make the outfit more feminine.  Threw on some old school bamboo earrings to give the whole outfit an urban feel.

Oh, yeh, sorry for the see-thru shirt, didn’t realized it until after the flash of the camera brought it to my attention–oops!

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Straw Fedora: Burlington CF

Top: Gap

Pants: H&M

Belt: Michael Kors

 Boots: Kelsi Dagger

Camel Time

28 Apr

Coat: Gap

Jeans: Gap

Tote: Tory Burch

Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbanna

Looks are deceiving! Just because the sun is shining, doesn’t mean it’s warm! It was definitely “chilly” and windy(see the windblown ponytail action) on this day, but I braved the elements long enough to take these shots.

Preppy with a Twist

28 Apr


Thought I would wear something comfortable and layers for a day of shopping with my mom and my sister. Layers are good because you can just remove or add it back again as you work up a sweat shopping (well, maybe not everyone, but I do) and then cool down again in between stores! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Blazer: American Living

Pants: H&M

Belt: H&M

Boots: Tory Burch

Watch: Michael Kors

Tribal Instinct

27 Apr

Slouchy White Tee

Pants: H&M


Aviators: RocaWear

Clutch: vintage