Summer Concert

19 Jul

These are some shots from the summer concert series at Penns Landing. Melanie Fiona was the headliner. Very hot out but people always turn out for some good food and good music! (and FREE!!!! always is an great incentive!) Alot of vendors selling everything from food to jewelry. We ate at this vegetarian stand. Delicious!!! and very filling! (well, to me, it doesn’t take much to fill me up). Had a great day out with hubby! But you know, something weird did happen. While I was taking shots of random things and people (ie: the girl in the cute outfit, the kids dancing, the random lady sitting there jamming by herself), this guy comes up to us and asks what I was going to do with the pics I was taking. I thinking, maybe he wants to check out whatever website I may be posting them to. He was very persistent in his questioning, even after my husband told him they were for personal usage. He then sat down and I’m thinking, “Is he wanted by the authorities or something?”, but then my husband brings to my attention, that he is probable cheating on his wife with the female he was with. My husband then informs me that while I was taking pics withing their vicinity (me not paying any attention to them, not even knowing they were sitting there until he approached us), the female covered her face and they kept looking our way (as you can tell my husband is the observant one, always, I don’t pay attention too much, which can be good or bad! I know he got my back when were together:) We thought this was too funny! Regardless of their situation, they were in a public place. Some people or just so dumb!

Shirt: Vintage Liz Claiborne

Shorts: Macys (old)

Belt: Thrifted

Saddle Shoes: Bass


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