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Wild Weather

29 Aug

If you live on the East Coast, I don’t have to tell you how crazy our weather has been in the past week.  Starting off with the unexpected 5.8 earthquake last week. Heavy rain every other day (this month has gone on record as having the most rain in August, ever!). Then with Hurricane Irene who made her way to the Tri-State area yesterday and today. State of Emergency was issued by governors on Friday are starting to be lifted in some areas today.  Mandatory evacuations started on Friday for all residents who were within a few miles of waterways. People were taken to shelters, but then you know you have those few, I call them crazy, people who “want to ride out the storm”. Major roadways leading to the beaches were closed. Public transportation was shut down! Some for the 1st time ever (NYC)! Airports are still closed and will reopen later today-Philly (but no departing flights from any airlines, just planes being brought back in for flights tomorrow, no passengers), don’t know about other airports on East Coast. And even though the storm’s eye was over the NJ Shore area, the effects were seen more inland. By the time Irene reached us, she was downgraded to a tropical storm (a hurricane is classified by winds 75mph+, while a tropical storm is less than 75mph winds). Flooding is the main issue right now since we have had sooo much rain lately, the ground is already saturated, then rivers, creeks, etc. are rising. Many road closures, but you still get people who want to try to go thru not knowing how deep it really is. Unfortunately, a young 20yr old girl lost her life when her car was swept away! Take heed people! Don’t go thru the water! Then you have the people who are just IDIOTS! Some young guys decided to take a boat out in their backyard and had to be rescued after their boat flipped due to the currents, risking the lives of the rescuers! DUMMIES! And if this were not enough, a tornado touched down in Lewes Delaware yesterday evening. No lives lost, thank God, but major property damage! Tornado warnings extended throughout the area after that, but without incidence.  Rain has stopped in this area, but still dealing with high winds, which have caused many power outages. Some people have been without power since last night. Hundreds of thousands of homes! Fortunately, thank you Jesus, our power was only out for about 1 hr this morning! But the wind is not done yet, so I will keep praying for it to stay on! So needless to say, no outfit post today. Not getting dressed, just going to do some stuff around the house (I love staying in the house!). So what was your weekend like? East Coasters- hope all is well!

P.S.- Shout out to NBC 10 for keeping us abreast on the weather for the past 24hrs+ -straight!



(Photos courtesy of NBC

Black and Gold

28 Aug


Saturday: It’s just a part of life that people grow up, have their own families, sometimes move away and other times are still nearby but still seem far away. Even though we all go on with our lives, we don’t forget one another. Our faces are still the same, but we have all grown a little older. So even though the only time that you see family members and friends from so long ago, in one place, is when another has been called home to be with God, it makes one take a step back and be grateful for all the great times and memories we shared at some point in our lives! “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

P.S.: May God bless you and keep you safe during Irene!!

Jumpsuit: Marshalls??? (old)

Belt: Vintage

Clutch: Thrifted (from yesterday)

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti (MJM Shoes)

Necklace: Thrifted

Earrings: ???(don’t remember)

Watch: M.Kors

Bracelet: Vintage


28 Aug


Friday: A morning filled with errands and a little thrifting, of course! Found some good stuff! One which you will see in the next post. Also going to try out a new trend seen going down the runways (will discuss further in later post). So this isn’t what I initially wore out, but changed to this cooler, more comfy outfit to take my son to football practice. So while I was waiting for him at practice, I decided to go to Walgreens to print out some of my photos from the blog to hang in my bedroom. Well, the 1st machine I tried wouldn’t read my picture discs (I save all my pics I take on a disc cause I always take tons of pics whenever and wherever). Then I put my XD card in to see if it was just my discs that were the problem. Don’t you know the stupid thing swallowed up my card and I couldn’t get it out! The sales people had to literally get a screwdriver and take the thing apart to get it out! (She tried to say I put the card in the wrong slot, but, duh, I think I’ve been using those machines long enough, and besides that, I do know how to read!). Anyways, she proceeded to discuss it with the other girls, while I used the other machine, which WAS working properly, and don’t you know she put my card back into that same slot again and got it stock, AGAIN! (Why? Just why did she have to do that; was she trying to prove that I did something wrong?) But guess who looks like the fool now! Then she had the nerve to have even more trouble than the 1st time, trying to get it out again. I thought she was going to ruin my card and destroy the photos that I hadn’t put on a disc yet. But after alot of banging, pulling and shoving on the stupid machine, she (LUCKY FOR HER!) got it out without any further problems! And I immediately snatched (o.k. forcefully grabbed it out of her hand) and proceeded using the WORKING machine (no thanks, I do not need your help, I got this!).

Top: Mandees (old-never worn)

Tank: JC Penny

Cutoffs: Vintage Oscar de la Renta

Shoes: Blowfish (DSW)

Sunglasses: Club Monaco (TJ Maxx)

Birds Of A Feather

22 Aug

SUNDAY: Another rainy day! I am so tired of all this rain! I usually like wearing dresses/skirts to church, especially during the warmer months. But since today was another wet and nasty day, I decided to wear pants. I then changed from my sandals to these boots because I did not feel like having wet feet in church! Also threw on this black hat. But then it was sunny when I got out of church, so I threw on my straw hat which was in my back seat from the weekend (I actually like the straw fedora better!). And these Tory boots are my go to for any weather. The vegan material makes them perfect for rain, snow or just whenever!  So I wore this navy shirt with these pink pants because I like that color combo. These pants are definitely Peptobismal pink but doesn’t show that in the pictures. I like the birds on the shirt. Several designers are doing different variations of the bird print (River Island, Miu Miu, Anna Sui, Asos).

Shirt: Vintage

Pants: Thrifted

Belt: JC Penny (old)

Boots: Tory Burch (old)

Watch: M.Kors

Necklace: Vintage

Bracelet: Vintage

Mixed Up

22 Aug

Saturday: Spent the day with my sister and her family. My one nephew had a football game. The little guys (75lb team, 8&9 yr olds). I remember when my boys started out playing that age and younger. They are so funny running around the field. I just couldn’t believe all the fancy gear they wear now at such a young age! No longer just the regular stuff, but some stuff the professionals wear (additional rib guards, little vest things, scarves on their heads, gloves,etc.). I don’t even know what half of the stuff is. These kids are something else now days! Ok, so the outfit I decided to do the mixing prints thing. The top has stripes if you can see in the close up shot. I like how the prints were totally unrelated but how the colors play well off each other. Had fun taking these shots with my son, my regular photographer and Zach (who has taken shots of me before) were having a competition on who could take the better pictures. Well, all of these are from my son (Zach didn’t get his to me yet!) And then there was my other nephew, not pictured, who was taking pictures with his Nintendo DS.

Top: F21

Shorts: W118 by Walter Baker (Marshalls)

Shoes: Target (clearance $7.50)

Necklace: Thrifted

Other Jewelry: Random

Turband: UO

Nail Polish: Baby Blue (F210

Before and After

22 Aug


Friday: My son a had football game. The sun was shining brightly when we took the 1st shots, but according to the weather forecast, we were supposed to get some thunderstorms and heavy rain. So initially I started out in one outfit but took extra clothes and of course, my rain gear, to be prepared for the weather. Well, I’m so glad that even though my family talk about how it looks like I live out of my car (I have extra everything in there: flat sandals (always have flats when you wear heels just in case), sneakers, rain boots, rain poncho, umbrella, snuggie, blanket, clothes, etc.) I am always prepared for whatever (unlike all the others out there at the field ).My gear came in very handy and I stayed relatively dry (while the entire fields were 6in. deep in water, very heavy rain and wind). Well, thankfully we were only out there for about 45min., which was more than enough, and the lightening forced an early end to the games.

Outfit 1:

Top: Kmart

Tank: James Pearse (Marshalls)

Shorts: Hollister

Belt: Thrifted

Jewelry: Thrifted, Random

Shoes: Payless (like 6+yrs old)

Outfit 2 (minus the MK poncho and umbrella):

Top: Gap

Boots: Burlington Coat Factory (old)

Black and Clear

15 Aug

This outfit is from Friday. I wore this to do some running around (errands!). It’s sheer with a lining underneath but somehow it looks as if you can see thru it! (maybe it’s just me but it did on some of the other pics that I didn’t post!). I wore flats with it so it didn’t look too dressed up. And also for comfort! Well, this is my only post for this week. Didn’t feel like getting dressed on Saturday, stayed in and did some much needed housework. Then on Sunday, well, it started Saturday evening, the torrential down pours, thunder and the whole 9. So it was a perfect day to stay in and do nothing! And by nothing, I mean NOTHING! But when the weather began to clear, I did venture out to the market (the fam has to eat!), in a pair of cutoffs, a longsleeve Gap T, a hat  and Wellies (but I knew you wouldn’t want to see that). How was your weekend??

Dress: UO

Scarf: Pucci

Shoes: Tory B

Jewelry: Random

White & Bright

8 Aug


Yes, I covered my hair up again! I wore this headscarf?/cap in a post before, but I wore it backwards, with the tie in the front. This jeans I’ve had a many years, bought them during a trip to Chicago, but never wore because my plan was to remove the front pockets because I don’t like when you can see the pockets thru the pants. So since I now have a sewing machine, I finally did it! It was pretty easy! (I’m definitely still a novice!). Also have been working on a few other things that I will tell you about in future posts. I put the jacket on because even though it is hot outside, it just makes the outfit look more put together. And it also comes in handy for when places have the air on BLAST!!! The shoes are sparkly gold wedges, which you can’t really see, but maybe I’ll wear them again in another post (maybe!?).

Headscarf/Cap: UO

Jacket: Thrifted

Tee: Old Navy

Jeans: Marc Jacobs

Belt: Talbots (TJ Maxx)

Purse: Thrifted

Shoes: Nine West (TJ Maxx)

Necklace: Vintage

Cuff: JC Penny

Watch: Random

Bracelet: Vintage

Earrings: Ralph Lauren

Tutti Fruitti

8 Aug



This is what I wore to go hang out Saturday with the girls (my mom, my aunt and my sister). My mom said my outfit reminded her of  the lady who wore the fruit hat outfit (Carmen Miranda). Totally not the same look as hers but I guess it was just the fruit on the pants made her come to mind! I got quite a few compliments on those pants that day. Even from my cousin’s 17 yr old daughter, which surprised me because you know how these teens dress nowadays! I liked them rolled up at the bottom but eventually had to put a little stitch in to hold them in place because for some reason, the right pant leg only, kept unrolling. What did you do this weekend?

Top: Old Navy

Pants: Thrifted

Shoes: Jessica Simpson (old)

Watch: MK

Gold Bracelets: Vintage

Leather Wrap Bracelet: H&M

Nail Polish Color: UV (Urban O)

Necklace: Thrifted

(Photos Courtesy of Zach—-thanks!)

Lace Bottoms

8 Aug




This was what I wore on Friday. These pictures don’t show the details of the shorts very well. They are actually like an army green plaid with touches of black and a little red. Now that I look back, I should’ve put on a red belt but at the time, in the house, the red actually looked orange and the orange belt that I have didn’t look right. I bought these shorts because I liked how the little bit of lace peeked out from the bottom. It gives a little edge to what is really just a conservative style and pattern. I wore the cream tank to make the outfit a little less dark. The tank has some sheer details on the front and back which I tried to show in the one picture. I’ve been wearing alot of head coverings and/or my hair up because it is just too hot to have your hair down! (to me anyway!)

Tank: Random (Marshalls last yr)

Shorts: D&G (Century 21)

Belt: UO

Shoes: M. Kors (old)

Necklace: Thrifted

Headband: H&M

Sunglasses: Nine West (TJ Maxx)

Watch: M. Jacbobs

Bracelets: JC Penny