Black and Clear

15 Aug

This outfit is from Friday. I wore this to do some running around (errands!). It’s sheer with a lining underneath but somehow it looks as if you can see thru it! (maybe it’s just me but it did on some of the other pics that I didn’t post!). I wore flats with it so it didn’t look too dressed up. And also for comfort! Well, this is my only post for this week. Didn’t feel like getting dressed on Saturday, stayed in and did some much needed housework. Then on Sunday, well, it started Saturday evening, the torrential down pours, thunder and the whole 9. So it was a perfect day to stay in and do nothing! And by nothing, I mean NOTHING! But when the weather began to clear, I did venture out to the market (the fam has to eat!), in a pair of cutoffs, a longsleeve Gap T, a hat  and Wellies (but I knew you wouldn’t want to see that). How was your weekend??

Dress: UO

Scarf: Pucci

Shoes: Tory B

Jewelry: Random

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