Mixed Up

22 Aug

Saturday: Spent the day with my sister and her family. My one nephew had a football game. The little guys (75lb team, 8&9 yr olds). I remember when my boys started out playing that age and younger. They are so funny running around the field. I just couldn’t believe all the fancy gear they wear now at such a young age! No longer just the regular stuff, but some stuff the professionals wear (additional rib guards, little vest things, scarves on their heads, gloves,etc.). I don’t even know what half of the stuff is. These kids are something else now days! Ok, so the outfit I decided to do the mixing prints thing. The top has stripes if you can see in the close up shot. I like how the prints were totally unrelated but how the colors play well off each other. Had fun taking these shots with my son, my regular photographer and Zach (who has taken shots of me before) were having a competition on who could take the better pictures. Well, all of these are from my son (Zach didn’t get his to me yet!) And then there was my other nephew, not pictured, who was taking pictures with his Nintendo DS.

Top: F21

Shorts: W118 by Walter Baker (Marshalls)

Shoes: Target (clearance $7.50)

Necklace: Thrifted

Other Jewelry: Random

Turband: UO

Nail Polish: Baby Blue (F210

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