28 Aug


Friday: A morning filled with errands and a little thrifting, of course! Found some good stuff! One which you will see in the next post. Also going to try out a new trend seen going down the runways (will discuss further in later post). So this isn’t what I initially wore out, but changed to this cooler, more comfy outfit to take my son to football practice. So while I was waiting for him at practice, I decided to go to Walgreens to print out some of my photos from the blog to hang in my bedroom. Well, the 1st machine I tried wouldn’t read my picture discs (I save all my pics I take on a disc cause I always take tons of pics whenever and wherever). Then I put my XD card in to see if it was just my discs that were the problem. Don’t you know the stupid thing swallowed up my card and I couldn’t get it out! The sales people had to literally get a screwdriver and take the thing apart to get it out! (She tried to say I put the card in the wrong slot, but, duh, I think I’ve been using those machines long enough, and besides that, I do know how to read!). Anyways, she proceeded to discuss it with the other girls, while I used the other machine, which WAS working properly, and don’t you know she put my card back into that same slot again and got it stock, AGAIN! (Why? Just why did she have to do that; was she trying to prove that I did something wrong?) But guess who looks like the fool now! Then she had the nerve to have even more trouble than the 1st time, trying to get it out again. I thought she was going to ruin my card and destroy the photos that I hadn’t put on a disc yet. But after alot of banging, pulling and shoving on the stupid machine, she (LUCKY FOR HER!) got it out without any further problems! And I immediately snatched (o.k. forcefully grabbed it out of her hand) and proceeded using the WORKING machine (no thanks, I do not need your help, I got this!).

Top: Mandees (old-never worn)

Tank: JC Penny

Cutoffs: Vintage Oscar de la Renta

Shoes: Blowfish (DSW)

Sunglasses: Club Monaco (TJ Maxx)


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