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Just Neutral

26 Sep

Sunday: Wore this for dress down day @ church today. It was a another very warm Autumn day but I still wanted to wear jeans so I chose these¬† lightweight cotton ones with a plain, simple tee. The cardigan, I added to complete the look, but also for warmth because I knew the santuary would be cold! And of course, gotta have something on my head, whether it be a scarf, turban, hat or something! (and it really helps to hide the frizz that I have going on since it’s been so humid the last few days; whoever said going natural was easy, they lied!) Hope you have a great week ahead!

P.S.: The nail polish that I have been wearing is by Sinful Colors Professional Nail Enamel. They have a variety of great colors @ affordable prices! I usually buy OPI for their unique variety of colors, I still do, but this brand is awesome! You can find it @ many stores, including your local drugstores (ie, Walgreens) and I get 4 bottles of this brand vs. 1 bottle of OPI for the same price! Not only is the price right, I find that it lasts longer than OPI (even when done by professionals) compared to my @ home job.

Cardigan: JCPenny

Tee: GAP

Jeans: Old Navy (old)

Belt: Gucci

Clutch: Vintage

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Hat: BCF

Necklace/bracelet: Vintage

Watch: M.Kors

Other Jewelry: Random; Vintage

Nails: Innocent (Sinful Colors)


25 Sep






Saturday: This was a last minute outfit that I threw to go to my son’s fball game. Started out with a jumpsuit since there was a chance of rain all day and it “‘looked” cloudy/chilly out. But when I lifted my window, I realized that it was actually pretty warm out and the sun had come out! Quickly threw this on (we were running late; usually this is when I don’t like my outfit and want to change before leaving the house). I like the look of shorts with boots, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate for this look on the East Coast. When it’s hot enough for shorts, it’s usually too hot for boots! Early Autumn is the ideal time for this look! What do you think? What was your Saturday like? Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Scarf: Random (Designer Consigner)

T-Shirt: GAP

Vest: Current/Elliott (Designer Consigner)

Shorts: GAP

Belt: Thrifted

Boots: Random (Don’t Remember)

Jewelry: Fossil; H&M;Random

Nails: Innocent (Sinful Colors)

Celebration Sunday

19 Sep


Sunday: This outfit came together because of the shoes 1st (which I never do!). These shoes are very feminine with the kitten heel and pointed toe slingback. They can be styled with many different types of looks, such as the lady-like trend with a mad men(ish) dress, a pencil skirt/blouse, with business suit or the way I’ve done it (soft and hard together). I didn’t want it too look too girlie today so I put on the denim carpenter jeans (the hard/tomboyish) with the lace back sweater (the soft/feminine). I wore this to Celebration Sunday at Living Faith Christian Center in Jersey (my mom’s church), added the “vest” (dress) to make the outfit more church appropriate due to the lace back. Went to a.m. service then back in the evening to hear special guest preacher Jesse DuPlantis (if you don’t know him, you need to Google him and catch his t.v. ministry; excellent, funny and delivers the Word!). How did you spend your weekend?¬† Have a blessed week and talk to you next weekend!”

“Vest”: Thrifted

Sweater: I Heart Ronson (JC Penny)

Jeans: GAP

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Gucci (Designer Consigner)

Earrings/Left Arm Bracelets: Thrifted

Glasses: F21

All Other Jewelry: Random

Like Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

19 Sep


Saturday: Today is one cloudy, chilly dreary “summer” day! (O.K. so the sun did come out a little later in the afternoon). Yeah, technically it’s still summer. It doesn’t feel like but that’s o.k. cause I’m ready to start dressing for the cooler weather, if you haven’t noticed. It just can be difficult at first because right now, in the afternoon it maybe warm, but then by the time the sun goes down, so does the temp! So since I was gonna be out early today but then go to my son’s fball game at night, I needed to be layered up. So when the temp. dropped about 15degrees by kickoff time, I threw on my waist-length peacoat and my snuggie and was ready for some football!!!

P.S.-Just noticed that my entire outfit was thrifted!(minus accessories,except necklace)

P.S.S.- The color of these pants actually were a deep aqua color with more green in them, not as light as on pic but I like that color too!

Turban: Online (somewhere, don’t remember)

Shirt: YSL Menswear

Ostrich Boots: Rivisita (the bottoms say “Vero Cuoio”, which I found out just means “real leather” in Italian)

Necklace: Vintage

Other Jewelry: Tory Wrap bracelet; random

Rock N Roll

19 Sep

Friday: Now that I really look at theses shots, I think I look a little rock n roll (ish). Mostly because of the outfit being majority black/dark. Then the hat also adds to the rock n roll feel when worn with everything else. This was just something a threw on to be comfortable but not really feeling like getting dressed at all after just schlumping around the house all day, on my day off. Nothing wrong with that! That’s what days off are for, in my opinion; do you agree?

Hat: Old Navy

Top: Retrospect Vintage

Cargo Skinnies: Almost Famous (Boscov’s)

Jacket: GAP

Boots: H&M

Jewelry: Tory B and Random

Street Style1

12 Sep


Well, this is my 1st installment of street style! I know these ladies from church so it wasn’t hard asking them if I could take their pictures! As you can see, our church def. has some stylish ladies (and guys! maybe we’ll see them some time soon)!

P.S.- Javar took pictures of Jamina (a make-up artist/hairstylist) with the dog (gotta give him his credit; also thanks to Dimitra who gave him her professional input, she’s a photographer)- both websites are under construction but I will post links for them when they become avail.

Polka Dots

12 Sep


I wore this outfit today because it was only supposed to be in the 70’s today and I needed to be comfortable to sit outside for our church picnic/community day. So the pants are light weight chambray cotton and the top is cotton. I threw on the jacket this morning because it felt a little chilly when I was leaving, but didn’t wear it inside the church (I should have because the air was def. on blast!). Well, the showers held off for our event but at times the sun was directly beaming on us, like we were at the beach and needed tans (NOT!). But we made it thru, with the thoughtfulness of those who kept us supplied with much-needed cold water, if we wanted it. So our Pastor decided to reach out to the community and offer free uniforms to the children in the area school district, that’s what this event was mainly intended for. The people pre-registered, approx. one month ago and were supposed to come and pick up the “free” uniforms for their children. We had well over 70+ families pre-register, and believe it or not, not even half of them showed up to pick up the “free” uniforms! Wow! How crazy is that! What’s wrong with people nowadays? You try to reach out to them by offering them something that is needed for their children and this is how they respond! Not to mention, free food, drinks, games, moon bounce and other activities. I don’t know what think about this. What’s your opinion/take on this?

Blazer: BCF (old)

Shirt: Liz Claiborne (thrifted)

Pants: Rag&Bone

Boots: H&M

Headcovering: UO

Jewelry: Random, Vintage, M.Jacobs

Belt: ???(very old, don’t remember)