Tunic Time

1 Sep


O.K., so this is an unusual thing for me to be dressed on a Tuesday! Well, it just so happens that I had a vacation day off today and yesterday. So since I didn’t get dressed and relaxed/did some things around the house all weekend, I got dressed today.  Well, that’s not really why, but I did get dressed so that I could go to my son’s football scrimmage that was rescheduled from Sunday (because I could’ve stayed in the house all day again today and would’ve been just fine!). The top I’m wearing is actually a tunic with side pockets. It’s made by Tory Burch, which the tunic is what she is originally known for. I love everything Tory does! From her preppy chic clothing to the numerous varied styles of shoes/boots. You can style all of her pieces several ways. If you want the head to toe preppy look or if you want to mix it up and give preppy with an edge/twist. Anything will work! I love the colors of this tunic but also how the pattern is retro looking! What do you think? Are you a Tory fan?

P.S.- These pictures were taken in MY area of the basement that I am working on as my personal “Style Cave”(instead of the “Man Cave”); it actually houses a lot of my clothing(in totes), some of my vintage clothing and shoes that can’t fit into any of the already overloaded closets upstairs. Maybe I’ll post some pics of it when (and if) I ever complete it the way I want t.

Tunic: Tory Burch (Ebay-old)

Shorts: Gap

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Diba (DSW)

Jewelry: Fossil and Random


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