11 Sep

Friday: So I found these shorts while thrifting a couple of months ago. I knew I had to have them because they so reminded me of the 80s. A time like no other (in my opinion). We had soooo much fun! If you weren’t a teenager in that decade, you don’t know what you missed! The big emergence of rap music, big hair (I’m from Jersey!), breakdancing, bombers and so much more (that’s how we did it on the East Coast)! The fashion was funky fresh and Fly ( A fly girl, a fly girl- I loved that song!). Wow, those we’re the good ole’ days! So these shorts, two-tones, are one of the styles we wore back then. I remember having all colors of two-tone jeans, yes they came in colored ones too! I even had ones with leather fronts and denim backs and hold up, even a dresser pair with black sequins in front and denim in back (I think I got a pic of me in those at a club).  If you didn’t wear two-tones, you were not Fly! Dang, I wish I would come across a colored pair, preferable the red/black ones! I would def. rock em’!

P.S.- Sorry for being on the phone in every pic, but I couldn’t get off and needed to hurry up and get these shots in cause my son was ready to eat!

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: Vintage

Belt: Vintage

Shoes: Don’t remember!

Necklace: Vintage

Other Jewelry: Random

Hat: BCF


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