Polka Dots

12 Sep


I wore this outfit today because it was only supposed to be in the 70’s today and I needed to be comfortable to sit outside for our church picnic/community day. So the pants are light weight chambray cotton and the top is cotton. I threw on the jacket this morning because it felt a little chilly when I was leaving, but didn’t wear it inside the church (I should have because the air was def. on blast!). Well, the showers held off for our event but at times the sun was directly beaming on us, like we were at the beach and needed tans (NOT!). But we made it thru, with the thoughtfulness of those who kept us supplied with much-needed cold water, if we wanted it. So our Pastor decided to reach out to the community and offer free uniforms to the children in the area school district, that’s what this event was mainly intended for. The people pre-registered, approx. one month ago and were supposed to come and pick up the “free” uniforms for their children. We had well over 70+ families pre-register, and believe it or not, not even half of them showed up to pick up the “free” uniforms! Wow! How crazy is that! What’s wrong with people nowadays? You try to reach out to them by offering them something that is needed for their children and this is how they respond! Not to mention, free food, drinks, games, moon bounce and other activities. I don’t know what think about this. What’s your opinion/take on this?

Blazer: BCF (old)

Shirt: Liz Claiborne (thrifted)

Pants: Rag&Bone

Boots: H&M

Headcovering: UO

Jewelry: Random, Vintage, M.Jacobs

Belt: ???(very old, don’t remember)

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