Celebration Sunday

19 Sep


Sunday: This outfit came together because of the shoes 1st (which I never do!). These shoes are very feminine with the kitten heel and pointed toe slingback. They can be styled with many different types of looks, such as the lady-like trend with a mad men(ish) dress, a pencil skirt/blouse, with business suit or the way I’ve done it (soft and hard together). I didn’t want it too look too girlie today so I put on the denim carpenter jeans (the hard/tomboyish) with the lace back sweater (the soft/feminine). I wore this to Celebration Sunday at Living Faith Christian Center in Jersey (my mom’s church), added the “vest” (dress) to make the outfit more church appropriate due to the lace back. Went to a.m. service then back in the evening to hear special guest preacher Jesse DuPlantis (if you don’t know him, you need to Google him and catch his t.v. ministry; excellent, funny and delivers the Word!). How did you spend your weekend?  Have a blessed week and talk to you next weekend!”

“Vest”: Thrifted

Sweater: I Heart Ronson (JC Penny)

Jeans: GAP

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Gucci (Designer Consigner)

Earrings/Left Arm Bracelets: Thrifted

Glasses: F21

All Other Jewelry: Random

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