Like Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

19 Sep


Saturday: Today is one cloudy, chilly dreary “summer” day! (O.K. so the sun did come out a little later in the afternoon). Yeah, technically it’s still summer. It doesn’t feel like but that’s o.k. cause I’m ready to start dressing for the cooler weather, if you haven’t noticed. It just can be difficult at first because right now, in the afternoon it maybe warm, but then by the time the sun goes down, so does the temp! So since I was gonna be out early today but then go to my son’s fball game at night, I needed to be layered up. So when the temp. dropped about 15degrees by kickoff time, I threw on my waist-length peacoat and my snuggie and was ready for some football!!!

P.S.-Just noticed that my entire outfit was thrifted!(minus accessories,except necklace)

P.S.S.- The color of these pants actually were a deep aqua color with more green in them, not as light as on pic but I like that color too!

Turban: Online (somewhere, don’t remember)

Shirt: YSL Menswear

Ostrich Boots: Rivisita (the bottoms say “Vero Cuoio”, which I found out just means “real leather” in Italian)

Necklace: Vintage

Other Jewelry: Tory Wrap bracelet; random


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