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1st Snow

30 Oct


Saturday: I wore this to go to a women’s conference that was held at my aunt’s church. I wanted to be comfortable, yet put together so I went with these plaid pant and the classic turtleneck. I added the slouchy cardigan for a pop of color (and warmth) and just to make the look more complete. The booties were chosen to offset the classic-ness of the outfit by giving it a little edge (the patent w/ the zipper) but also because we, of the East Coast, are getting our 1st snowfall of the season along with heavy rain 1st! Actually it is still fall so we shouldn’t be getting any snow at all! So the hairstyle of the day, dictated by the weather, was the ponytail. I put the hat on because of the precipitation (remember, no relaxer!), and I do love hats anyway! But anyway, this is what i wore. What did you do on a Saturday? If you’re on the East Coast, did you stay in and relax like I wish I could’ve? (don’t get me wrong, the conference was awesome!)

Hat: M.Kors (0ld)

Raincoat: Mossimo (Target)

Turtleneck Sweater: GAP

Cardigan: Old Navy

Pants: Vintage

Belt: Prada (old)

Booties: Impo (Marshalls??)

Watch: Random

Bracelets: Random (thrifted)

Shopping for a Cause

30 Oct

Friday: This outfit was worn for its functionality. The leggings make it easy to try on things without stripping all the way down in a room full of strangers (all women, but still, that’s not my thing; unless I absolutely have to, for the sake of fashion and finding a great deal!). I layered on the top for that same purpose and the sweater is because it’s cold outside, especially when you have to stand in line and wait for the doors to open. The boots are easy to pull on and off without the laces or zippers of some other shoes/boots (plus I was anxious to wear my new boots!). So you want to know what this sale is all about? Well, this is Michelle and my 4th year attending after learning about it on the local news. It’s the Community Clothes Charity Sale which is an organization that has a 34 yr history of putting together a shopping event where women donate their clothing and some stores donate brand new clothing to be sold and the money donated to a charity chosen each year. This year proceeds go to Need in Deed (NID), an educational non-profit that uses the classroom to prepare young people for civic responsibility and service to others. Also, some of the proceeds will go the  The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to support their Sickle Cell Center. Last year, they raised a record-breaking $220,000 profit. In the past 10 years over $1.6 million went to local beneficiaries.

As for the clothing, alot of designer (high-end), such as Chanel, Escada, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Ferragamo and many more and a fraction of the retail cost! They also carry other designers and random brands. They also have a large selection of shoes, but most of the good ones are for small feet (size 7 and under). They carry a small selection of vintage, even some designer vintage. They have a small selection of children’s clothing. Accessories, purses, belts, jewelry are available at “The Boutique” section. This sale is held on Thursday ($5 fee for entrance), Friday (all clothing and shoes 50% off) and Saturday (everything $5). They replenish the racks everyday and a few times thru-out that day so you never know what you may find. I like Fridays the best (50% off, of course), but have been on the other days also. Thursday is good for 1st dibs but you can end up spending more money. Saturdays are a mad house! The line to enter is super long, and the women are like vultures! You don’t have time or the space to try things on (dressing room is very packed, you only get the perimeter for trying on items b/c there are racks in there too). They will take your stuff, including the clothes you came in wearing (true story-it happened to someone before), if you don’t watch them carefully! When they open the doors, the women run in and just start grabbing pieces, kind of reminds me of when Filene’s Basement does their $99 wedding dress sale (if you’ve seen the footage on t.v., you get the picture!). I mean what do you expect when you invite a bunch of women into a small space to shop for clothing that will only cost them $5 a piece (designer pieces too)! So usually I go overboard, but on this day I showed great restraint and left with only a few great pieces (Ferragamo shoes, 2 pair Escada pants, a Lily Pullitzer silk blouse, a Z Spoke Zac Posen silk blouse w/ tags attached, a vintage coat dress and a vintage Halston hat). As you can see, Michelle did the most damage this time! But she did get some great pieces (a cashmere Chanel sweater, a Ferragamo skirt, Dior slacks, Jil Sander slacks, and more)! It always makes one feel better when you know your shopping for a great cause! How about you? Do you know of any great shopping events that are for a cause?

My outfit:

Sweater: Nautica (old)

Tee: GAP

Leggings: Poof (TJ Maxx or Marshalls)

Boots: Tory Burch (Designer Consigner)

Hat: Random (Boscovs)

Bracelets: Thrifted; Random; Shamballa

Watch: Random

Recent Purchases

30 Oct

Just some shots of some of my recent purchases. The black boots were purchased with my Marshalls/TJ Maxx gift card that I received for my birthday. I have made several purchases with my Goodie Goodie gift card, just haven’t taken any shots because it is wayyy too much stuff and I still have $ left on it. Most of the stuff pictured was thrifted from my new found thrift store “The Family Thrift Store” (well, not new, I just forgot about it; I never actually shopped there but I have donated there years ago-before I fell in love with thrifting!). They also do the color of the week 50% off special like the Goodie Goodie. So on the week that I went, pink and blue were the colors and I scored some great designer items at a steal! So I actually paid 1/2 of the price that you see on the tag! As for the Tory boots, I found them at my favorite consignment store. I just happened to stop in there to “browse” and a lady came in to consign her stuff. As she was getting registered, I noticed that she had a few pair of Tory Burch shoes. I told Michelle, the owner of the store, that I want to see them before she put them out on the floor to sell. All really cute but too small, except for the boots. For the price and the fact that they were brand new, never worn, I had to purchase them (Not to mention that I have had my eye on this style for a couple of years now but they never mark them down enough). Out of all the Tory boots that I own, these were the best buy for the money (under $150, retail $495)!  I always find great things at great prices when I visit Designer Consigner. Their prices are very reasonable and the customer service is awesome! Michelle, the owner, is very friendly and so is her mother, who helps her out in the store. They always make me feel welcome in their store and that kindness is shown to every customer who walks in the door. They do not hesitate to carry on a conversation with you and help you with any questions and/or purchases. The store runs great sales, such as “fill a bag and get everything in it for $20”; they have 50% off racks; they offer girls night out shopping parties; and complimentary wine while you shop on set days. Visit their website and stop by the store if your in the area. What are some of your recent purchases? Any good deals?


24 Oct


Sunday Afternoon: I found this old school tracksuit while thrifting a few months ago. I remember having a few of these back in the day but mine were separates (pants and jacket) and this is a one piece. So when I saw it, I knew I had to have it! It took me a while to wear it because #1 it’s been too hot and #2 I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to wear it so as to not look like I stepped out of a scene from “Beat Street” or “Breakin”. And that is the reason why I wore the tie up wedges to make the look more modern. But of course I had to wear the door knocker earrings and gold chain to still give it that old school flavor.

Tracksuit: Reebok (Thrifted)

Tee: Arizona (JCP)

Boots: Deena and Ozzy (UO)

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Breast Cancer Awareness

Making Strides

24 Oct


Sunday Morning: Today is my actual birthday, October 23rd. But instead of doing something for myself, I decided to do the American Cancer Society “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk”. This is not new for me, it just so happens to fall on my b-day this year. So this year, just like previous years, I am walking to help more women to see more birthdays of their own. I am dedicated to doing this walk (raising awareness and money towards research, etc.) because of my grandmother (who passed when I was a little girl), who had breast cancer, a friend Joye, “A Survivor” (who our team is named for) and all of the other women and families that this disease has affected. So this is the second year that I put together a team from the dental office where I work and our families/friends. Thank you guys for walking and thanks to everyone who made monetary donations on behalf of “Team Joye”.

  • About 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women
  • About 39,520 deaths from breast cancer (women)
  • Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women in the U.S., other than skin cancer
  • It’s the second leading cause of death in women, after lung cancer
  • Chances of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time during her life is as little as 1 in 8
  • Chances of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 35. This is probably the result of finding the cancer earlier and better treatment. Right now there are more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S.




Source of Statistics: American Cancer Society 2011


24 Oct

Saturday: Wore this to go to my mom’s for my b-day dinner with the fam (also my auntie’s b-day). Family, good food, games and more presents (thanks again, everyone for the gifts and celebration)! And can’t forget about the cake and ice cream (I have a big sweet tooth and birthday cake with buttercream icing is my favorite! I’ll buy and eat one for no reason, birthday or not!). No real thought went into the oufit, at first, just wanted to wear my “new” blazer. I love how the gold buttons pop against the navy blue. Since it is a longer blazer, I figured I should wear something fitted on the bottom. So in came these riding pant jeggings. I like black with navy. I then realized this outfit was heading down the equestrian road, so I put the hat on to add to it. I didn’t want to look too literal like I just came from riding (opted out of the flat riding boots for that reason) so I put on these platform wedges which totally are the opposite of the riding look. I like how it turned out!

Jacket: Ralph Lauren (Thrifted)

Turtleneck: Boscovs

Jeggings: H&M (last year)

Necklace: Thrifted

Watch: M.Kors

Bracelets (top to bottom): Vintage; Gift; Shamballa; Breast Cancer Awareness

Wedges: Bamboo (BCF)

Lips: Wet N Wild 521A (one of my old school favorites I wore in Middle/High School)

Nails: “Pink Palette” ( Sinful Colors)


24 Oct

Friday: Put this on to go run errands. The pants I’ve had for about 4+ yrs now. Never wore them before (no real reason why, really kinda forgot about them). The button details with the connecting chain on the front is my favorite thing about these pants.Thought the burgundy color of the sweater looked good with the navy. Threw the cardigan on cause it was a little windy/chilly but also because it helped tie in with the hat. The hat is thrifted. I like that it is like a sweater turned into a hat (no literally, just sweater material). Side Bar: This red eye is killing me! Gotta figure out how to eliminated during shot cause editing out not working!!!! Anybody got any advice???

Hat: Etienne Aigner (Thrifted)

Cardigan and Burgundy Sweater: A.N.A. (JCP)

Pants: See by Chloe (Online)

Boots: GAP (current season)

Watch: M.Kors

Bracelet: Shamballa (NYC)