Fall/Winter Trends 2011

5 Oct

So it is now officially fall! I am not a usually a fan of cooler weather but somehow always manage to embrace it due to the endless possibilities it offers when getting dressed. So to help keep me optimistic about this whole change of weather thing, I decided to do a post on the fall/winter trends that I will be donning this cold weather season. Of course there are several others, but these are my favorites!


The color of the season is from the burnt category. This mustard color. Burnt orange. Deep rich tones.



Fur: To me, fur never goes out of style! Whether short or long, you can never go wrong with fur. Fake or real, it just depends on your personal preference or bank account. If you don’t want to go full on fur with a coat, you can always wear it on accessories or just small touches here and there. Colored fur was even seen on the runways!



Sophisticated 70s: Don’t get me started on the 70s! As I stated in my previous post, I love this decade! Especially this style. Very clean, put together, chic! My favorite thing from this trend are tie neck blouses. So school teacher, which I love! I can just imagine teachers and secretaries back in the day looking so classy when going to work. It seems like everyone just looked so effortlessly put together. Like style just happened to them, it wasn’t on purpose (Love It!).



Wide Legs: Width of pant legs go in and out of style constantly. One minute its skinny legs, the next it’s wide legs, palazzo pant, flare legs or bell bottoms. Personally, I don’t have a preference, I will rock them all. The thing with wide legs is most of the time they are really long (as in inseam) than the average pant. This is great for me, being as though I’m on the taller side (5″7′). They come down far enough so that I can easily wear a heel with them. Which by the way, they look better with a platform or a wedge (flats will throw the whole look off, plus the pants will drag the ground which is not attractive).  Not recommended for the vertically challenged. They will make your legs look shorter than they really are (sorry!). I like to wear a fitted top with them to balance out the wider bottom. But you can also wear a more flowy top if you tuck it in and accent the waist with a belt.



Metal Collar/Choker: This is another trend that is hot this season! Many designers showed these on the runway. They come in a variety of metals, the choice is yours! Gold, silver, copper, brass or any hammered metals which have a textured finish rather than smooth finishes. this trend is said to go from fall/winter and stay for the spring/summer season.


For me, the best part about these trends is that I already own pieces that fit into these categories. When I shop, I usually don’t buy something because it is trendy. I buy what I like regardless of if it is “in” at the moment or not. That’s why my closet is never made up of just one style. It has some of everything in it (if you can’t tell by what I wear in my posts). So no matter what the trend currently is, I can almost always go into my wardrobe and be able to be on trend at that moment, if I want to be. But that’s just me. Everyone is not like that, and don’t have to be. Some people find a style that they like and works for them and they stick to it (nothing wrong with that). So needless to say, can’t wait to dig out some of the pieces that I already own and put together some amazing looks incorporating these trends. Don’t be afraid to try new things. It may work for you or it may not. It doesn’t hurt to try though, it’s only fashion!



Images via fashionising.com





One Response to “Fall/Winter Trends 2011”

  1. ciara October 9, 2011 at 09:04 #

    Hello Ms. shonda i agree fashion with fur never fades and the 70’s style is always chic.

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