Follow the Stars Home

17 Oct

Sunday: The title of this post today really has nothing to do with the actual post (only that the word “stars” is mentioned). But by coincidence, when I went to put something on the t.v. to help me take my Sunday afternoon nap, I found this movie “Follow the Stars Home” on the Halllmark channel. Needless to say, it was already running and I did fall asleep on it (it was very good, from what I did see before it started watching me!). So when I awoke from my nap, I was surprised and happy to see that they were showing it again! So as I write this post, I am finishing what I started of a great, heartfelt movie. I love the Hallmark Channel (and Lifetime). They always shoe great movies! I can spend an entire Saturday and/or Sunday watching movie after movie. I especially love Hallmark during Christmas time. They start in November and show all the festive/family type movies. My favorite being “The Christmas Shoes”. If you’ve never seen this one, it is a must see! It will definitely make you shed a few tears. But that’s a good thing! The movie is real and will make you take a step back and be grateful for your health and the health of your family. I digress! So the dress I found while thrifting months ago. Loved the boldness of the stars outlined in white against the navy background looking kind of 3D-ish. Also love the details of the star buttons (they look like starfish) going down the one side of the dress. And I love shoulder pads. Some people will remove them, but I think they can give more structure to a garment (o.k. sue me, I’m an 80s girl!). I added the gold “Wonder Women-ish” belt to cinch the waist in for more shape since the dress is pretty shapeless without a belt. The dress looked fine with just the shoes, but I put the socks on to give it a different look (if you haven’t noticed, I’m really feeling the socks thing and you will be seeing more!). Until next time, have a blessed week!

P.S.: Now that I look, my whole outfit is a spin-off  of “Wonder Woman”; the stars, the belt and the gold cuff (it works for me!). What do you think?

Dress: Vintage

Belt: Vintage

Socks: Ralph Lauren Chaps

Shoes: Aldo

Jewelry: Random

Sunglasses: MNG (JCPenny)


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