19 Oct

Ok, So I’ve been meaning to post about this for the past couple of weeks. And since that 20 oz of caffeinated coffee that I drank this morning still has me awake @ 12am and beyond (the next day), I am going do this post now! (Side Bar: I usually only drink approx. 2 oz. of caffeinated and the the rest decaf, but because my WaWa didn’t have a thing of hazelnut decaf ready when I was there, I just went for full on caffeine (dumb mistake!). It seems that the television industry has finally opened up their eyes to what those of us who love fashion really want to see. With all of the reality shows that have been on for the last few years, there have never been as many shows geared towards fashion, as there are now (thank you!). I remember being glued to the t.v. in the late 80’s/early 90″s, to watch “Fashion File” and “Behind the Velvet Ropes” with Lauren Ezersky (who is still big on the fashion programming scene); “see video below for clip with Lauren from back in the day“. So now there are several shows about fashion which I enjoy. To name a few, of course there’s Project Runway. Never missed a season from day 1. And then there’s “What Not to Wear”. Gotta love Stacy and Clinton. The crack me up with some of the comments they make about the people they are making over, sooo funny!That is definitely a dream job for me (that would be my fashion consultant business that I aspire to have one day). Stacy also does a segment on the Today Show and Clinton is on that new afternoon talkshow “The Chew”, where he is discussing food (go figure, I guess another one of his talents). I also read that in November, Clinton is launching his own chain of retail stores call PerfectFit in Chicago and Minneapolis. Then my new found vintage love, which I am fortunate to have visited and purchased pieces from her NYC store, Shareen Vintage owned by Shareen Mitchell, whose show is called ONTV>dresscueme”>”Dresscue Me”. And then there have been a few others that I liked that they showed for a while, then they now longer showed them (How dare them!). So while I am currently loving Bravo’s new Tuesday night fashion lineup, who knows how long it will last. So this is how it goes! Starting of with the “Rachel Zoe Project”. Love, love, love Rachel! Her style, her attitude, her passion for the business (she’s not going anywhere unless she wants to!). Then there’s the new show starring Chris March, former contestant from Project Runway and costume designer, called “Mad Fashion”. Very creative and amazing designs! Not everyday wearable, but definitely art! Then we finish with a show about an upscale consignment store in NYC, “Second Time Around” is the store and the show is “Fashion Hunters”. I actually had them on my list of thrift/vintage stores to visit when I was in NYC back in June, but didn’t have enough time to visit all of them. They will definitely be 1st on my list next time! O.k, so I got that off my chest so I guess I can try and get some sleep now!


P.S.- Almost forgot! The real reason that prompted me to do this post tonight is that two of the ladies from the video I posted yesterday “Advanced Style”, was on “Fashion Hunters” tonight! It was the one with the Marilyn Monroe/Warhol Sleeves and the one with her with the black hat with the “spikes”, who said that she didn’t give a “BLEEP” about what people say about the ways she dresses!









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