1st Snow

30 Oct


Saturday: I wore this to go to a women’s conference that was held at my aunt’s church. I wanted to be comfortable, yet put together so I went with these plaid pant and the classic turtleneck. I added the slouchy cardigan for a pop of color (and warmth) and just to make the look more complete. The booties were chosen to offset the classic-ness of the outfit by giving it a little edge (the patent w/ the zipper) but also because we, of the East Coast, are getting our 1st snowfall of the season along with heavy rain 1st! Actually it is still fall so we shouldn’t be getting any snow at all! So the hairstyle of the day, dictated by the weather, was the ponytail. I put the hat on because of the precipitation (remember, no relaxer!), and I do love hats anyway! But anyway, this is what i wore. What did you do on a Saturday? If you’re on the East Coast, did you stay in and relax like I wish I could’ve? (don’t get me wrong, the conference was awesome!)

Hat: M.Kors (0ld)

Raincoat: Mossimo (Target)

Turtleneck Sweater: GAP

Cardigan: Old Navy

Pants: Vintage

Belt: Prada (old)

Booties: Impo (Marshalls??)

Watch: Random

Bracelets: Random (thrifted)


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