Recent Purchases

30 Oct

Just some shots of some of my recent purchases. The black boots were purchased with my Marshalls/TJ Maxx gift card that I received for my birthday. I have made several purchases with my Goodie Goodie gift card, just haven’t taken any shots because it is wayyy too much stuff and I still have $ left on it. Most of the stuff pictured was thrifted from my new found thrift store “The Family Thrift Store” (well, not new, I just forgot about it; I never actually shopped there but I have donated there years ago-before I fell in love with thrifting!). They also do the color of the week 50% off special like the Goodie Goodie. So on the week that I went, pink and blue were the colors and I scored some great designer items at a steal! So I actually paid 1/2 of the price that you see on the tag! As for the Tory boots, I found them at my favorite consignment store. I just happened to stop in there to “browse” and a lady came in to consign her stuff. As she was getting registered, I noticed that she had a few pair of Tory Burch shoes. I told Michelle, the owner of the store, that I want to see them before she put them out on the floor to sell. All really cute but too small, except for the boots. For the price and the fact that they were brand new, never worn, I had to purchase them (Not to mention that I have had my eye on this style for a couple of years now but they never mark them down enough). Out of all the Tory boots that I own, these were the best buy for the money (under $150, retail $495)!  I always find great things at great prices when I visit Designer Consigner. Their prices are very reasonable and the customer service is awesome! Michelle, the owner, is very friendly and so is her mother, who helps her out in the store. They always make me feel welcome in their store and that kindness is shown to every customer who walks in the door. They do not hesitate to carry on a conversation with you and help you with any questions and/or purchases. The store runs great sales, such as “fill a bag and get everything in it for $20”; they have 50% off racks; they offer girls night out shopping parties; and complimentary wine while you shop on set days. Visit their website and stop by the store if your in the area. What are some of your recent purchases? Any good deals?


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