Shopping for a Cause

30 Oct

Friday: This outfit was worn for its functionality. The leggings make it easy to try on things without stripping all the way down in a room full of strangers (all women, but still, that’s not my thing; unless I absolutely have to, for the sake of fashion and finding a great deal!). I layered on the top for that same purpose and the sweater is because it’s cold outside, especially when you have to stand in line and wait for the doors to open. The boots are easy to pull on and off without the laces or zippers of some other shoes/boots (plus I was anxious to wear my new boots!). So you want to know what this sale is all about? Well, this is Michelle and my 4th year attending after learning about it on the local news. It’s the Community Clothes Charity Sale which is an organization that has a 34 yr history of putting together a shopping event where women donate their clothing and some stores donate brand new clothing to be sold and the money donated to a charity chosen each year. This year proceeds go to Need in Deed (NID), an educational non-profit that uses the classroom to prepare young people for civic responsibility and service to others. Also, some of the proceeds will go the  The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to support their Sickle Cell Center. Last year, they raised a record-breaking $220,000 profit. In the past 10 years over $1.6 million went to local beneficiaries.

As for the clothing, alot of designer (high-end), such as Chanel, Escada, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Ferragamo and many more and a fraction of the retail cost! They also carry other designers and random brands. They also have a large selection of shoes, but most of the good ones are for small feet (size 7 and under). They carry a small selection of vintage, even some designer vintage. They have a small selection of children’s clothing. Accessories, purses, belts, jewelry are available at “The Boutique” section. This sale is held on Thursday ($5 fee for entrance), Friday (all clothing and shoes 50% off) and Saturday (everything $5). They replenish the racks everyday and a few times thru-out that day so you never know what you may find. I like Fridays the best (50% off, of course), but have been on the other days also. Thursday is good for 1st dibs but you can end up spending more money. Saturdays are a mad house! The line to enter is super long, and the women are like vultures! You don’t have time or the space to try things on (dressing room is very packed, you only get the perimeter for trying on items b/c there are racks in there too). They will take your stuff, including the clothes you came in wearing (true story-it happened to someone before), if you don’t watch them carefully! When they open the doors, the women run in and just start grabbing pieces, kind of reminds me of when Filene’s Basement does their $99 wedding dress sale (if you’ve seen the footage on t.v., you get the picture!). I mean what do you expect when you invite a bunch of women into a small space to shop for clothing that will only cost them $5 a piece (designer pieces too)! So usually I go overboard, but on this day I showed great restraint and left with only a few great pieces (Ferragamo shoes, 2 pair Escada pants, a Lily Pullitzer silk blouse, a Z Spoke Zac Posen silk blouse w/ tags attached, a vintage coat dress and a vintage Halston hat). As you can see, Michelle did the most damage this time! But she did get some great pieces (a cashmere Chanel sweater, a Ferragamo skirt, Dior slacks, Jil Sander slacks, and more)! It always makes one feel better when you know your shopping for a great cause! How about you? Do you know of any great shopping events that are for a cause?

My outfit:

Sweater: Nautica (old)

Tee: GAP

Leggings: Poof (TJ Maxx or Marshalls)

Boots: Tory Burch (Designer Consigner)

Hat: Random (Boscovs)

Bracelets: Thrifted; Random; Shamballa

Watch: Random


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