Ladies Who Wear Hats

1 Nov

Sunday: Second day in a row that I wore plaid pants. I found these at Retrospect Vintage back in the Spring but then it got too hot to wear them. They’re not really heavy weight either, so I decided I better wear them before it gets too cold. I love the color combination of the yellow, white, black and the touch of green. They’re high-waisted but I decided they look better with the top on the outside. As I’ve said before, I love the style of the 70’s and they weren’t afraid of color. When my aunt saw me in these pants she commented that she had a very similar pair when she was a teenager! I only wish that my mother and my aunts had kept some of their clothes from the 70’s. I will definitely have a lot of clothes, shoes and jewelry for my grandchildren (I just hope it will still be “in” to wear/own vintage pieces when they are teens/young adults; o.k, I’m talking like I already have grandchildren, not yet and not rushing it!). The hat was added because I always like wearing them and my hair is always a struggle (uggh, thick roots, esp. after Saturdays weather). But I thought this style went with the whole retro look, even though it’s style is from another decade. As for Michelle and her hat, I promise you we did not plan it! When we saw each other arrive at church, we just laughed! Somehow it always turns out that we have on one similar piece at the same time! Whether it be jewelry, the same color or one piece of clothing that’s the same. As for her outfit, she said she was inspired by Diane Keaton (sorry for not linking, having trouble, but you can Google her if you don’t know who she is or her style).  Who inspires your style?

My Outfit:

Cardigan: St. John’s Bay (JCP)

White Shirt: Le Tigre (JCP)

Belt: Random

Scarf: Random (Boscov’s)

Pants: Vintage

Shoes: Coach

Hat: Random (TJ Maxx)

Bracelets: Random; Monet; Thrifted

Watch: M.Kors

Earrings: Random


Michelle’s Outfit:

Blazer: Neiman Marcus Celine (Community Clothes Charity Sale)

Turtleneck: American Living (JCP)

Pants: Old Navy

Belt: M.Kors

Shoes: Bongo

Hat: Random (JCP)


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