Desert Boots

7 Nov

Saturday: Wanted to be comfortable (well, I’m comfy in everything I wear), more like cozy on a brisk day. I pulled out this grandpa sweater to wear with jeans. Also wanted to finally wear my heeled desert boots that I bought when the stores first starting putting out their fall/winter stuff. I love the desert boot trend! I have a few pair of heeled ones. One of which I bought a few years back when they weren’t so of the moment/on trend. I can remember wearing the flat version as a little girl. I can hear my grandmother (Mom, as we all called her) telling my mother to buy us (me and my sister) desert boots cause they will keep our feet warmer in the winter. Then she wouldn’t let us wear any other shoes during the winter time except our desert boots. I also had been looking for a flat version, but couldn’t find any, they were mostly sold for men. So I found a pair that aren’t really desert boots, but have that same vibe. I call them my Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn boots, which will appear in a post sooner or later. Now, after I’ve already purchased the ones I have, I’ve come across several different women’s desert boots that I like. But too late now, I’m going to stick with the ones I have (I probably won’t wear them much anyway). Do you have a favorite piece that may have re-emerged from your childhood?

Sweater: American Eagle

Shirt and Jeans: A.N.A. (JCP)

Boots: Old Navy (this season)

Jewelry: Random

Necklace: Random (JCP)

Beanie Hat: Random (Loehmann’s)


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