Street Style3

7 Nov

O.K., so this isn’t really an official  “street style” post. Just a few shots of my “photographer”/my baby! You probably won’t see many street style photos. It’s more difficult than it seems to get pics of random strangers with their knowledge and consent. And I’m not the one to just go up to people I don’t know and ask to take a picture of them (people act like you’re trying to use their pic for some other reason; they’re paranoid!; I can’t blame them since there are some nuts out there and technology makes it so much easier now for them to do some crazy stuff!). Especially where I live, it’s not like the big cities of NYC, Paris, London, etc., where it’s not unusual to have people on the streets taking pictures of other people because of the clothes they wear. So every once in a while, you may see a pic of someone other than myself, who most likely will be someone that I know. And that, will be my version of “street style”!


Sweater: Lacoste

Jeans: Hollister

Sneakers: Nike Air Max


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