12 Nov

Friday: I wore this to a Continuing Education Class today. Knew I would be sitting for an extended period of time (approx. 8 hr course with an hour lunch break), so I wanted to be comfortable (and warm, they always keep the air on frigid to keep everyone awake!). Picked up this shirt at the CCCS event a few weeks ago. Loved the horses on it ( I have a thing for horses, mostly thoroughbred racehorses-I used to work @ horse track while in dental hygiene school) and how the red and tan look together. The neckpiece that I’m wearing is a bolo tie. It’s traditionally worn as part of western/cowboy gear. I found this one, and one other in silver, while thrifting back in the Spring. I thought it was interesting and would be  different to rock as a necklace. Recently I saw it as a trend in one fashion magazine (don’t remember which one). I just thought it went with the horses and horseshoe print on the shirt (but I’ll find something else to wear it with too). I was going for the menswear-inspired look with the pants and the shoes. The shoes were purchased last fall but never wore (if you read my blog often, you know this is the usual for me). They kinda remind me of my late grandfather’s shoes he used to wear. I love that! And flats are not my 1st choice but are a nice change!

P.S.: Special shout-out to all veterans, thank you for serving! God Bless!


Jacket: Worthington (JCP-last yr)

Silk Shirt: Lily Pulitizer

Silk Pants: Milly (Century 21)

Shoes: Olsenboye (JCP-last yr)

Bracelets: Monet; Liz Claiborne; Shamballa

Earrings: Lia Sophia


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