Shop til You Drop

19 Nov

Thursday Night: Got invited to go to a “Girls Night Out” Shopping event. It was held at my favorite local consignment store, “Designer Consigner”(has more of a boutique feel than a consignment store as you can see; service provided is also more on the boutique level).  When you book this event, the owner shuts the store down from 7pm-9pm so that the hostess and her guests can shop. While you shop, they provide wine and cheese/crackers (and specially purchased, apple cider) for everyone to enjoy. It was a fun time! You get to social and shop. Ladies came in and out during the 2 hrs, but me and T stayed the whole time. You know me, I need at least 2 hrs to shop one store. That 2 hrs is comprised of me hunting out and gathering  what I like, and then taking all of that stuff into the fitting room to see what fits well and then finally narrowing down all the rest to my must-have pieces that I can’t leave without. Yeah, I know, it’s a process! But I love it! Consignment stores and thrift stores are always the best because you never know what hidden treasure you might find! As I’ve mentioned before, I always find those gems @ this store. Of course I didn’t leave with everything I wanted. Had to leave some things behind but will be checking back up on them to see if their price gets reduced (Sorry, forgive me, but I do stalk clothes sometimes!). How about you, do you watch pieces of clothing/jewelry/shoes and wait for better prices?

P.S.: The party hostess gets a percentage of what is spent by her guests that night, to shop with, either that night or future use. (that’s awesome!)

Jacket: Yves Saint Laurent (thrifted)

Tank: GAP

Jeggings: BDG (UO)

Boots: Tory B

Necklace: JCP

Bracelets: Chanel; Vintage; Random

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