20 Nov

Saturday: I thought I was gonna be able to enjoy my 1st weekend of no football game, but I thought wrong! Forgot I had a meeting @ church today so I decided to just enjoy this beautiful fall day. Went to my meeting, Javar assisted me in changing the Health & Healing bulletin board @ the church and then hung out and did some shopping and dinner. I love having a mother/son day with my “Baby”. Enjoying it while it lasts cause it won’t be long before those days are few and far between (those of you with teenagers can relate to this!). So I chose this location to take some shots because earlier this past week it was beautiful (it still is, but the leaves are now on the ground instead of the trees). During the week, you could look down from the top of the street and the trees, on both sides of the street, were covered with these gorgeous yellow leaves. It created a canopy over the entire street as you went down it.  It was very picturesque! But I guess with the rain that came thru and the wind, the trees are now bare, for the most part. I love the color changing of the leaves and hate to see when they fall off and expose the bare, naked tree branches (ugg! the dreary signs of winter). Are the leaves still on the trees in your neighborhoods! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sweater: Old Navy

Shirt: Hollister

Cords: GAP

Boots: Tory B

Hat: Nine West

Jewelry: Fossil; Random

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