Grunge 2011

26 Nov

Friday: I put this outfit together to run out and do some “quick” Black Friday shopping. I didn’t have plans to purchase anything specific so I decided to go out later, not that 5a.m. stuff that I used to enjoy doing with my sister when my boys were younger.  A little traffic but not bad at the stores. I figured most people would be home napping by the time I went out. So since it was early afternoon when I went out, I wanted to wear something light (it was mid to high 60 degrees) and also didn’t want to get overheated and having to carry around a big coat in the stores. This dress is cotton with tank sleeves so I threw on the cropped sweater for more coverage (even though it’s warm, it’s still the end of November). I was attracted to this dress because of the uneven circle hemline. I like how the back hangs longer and the front is shorter exposing some leg and showing off whatever footwear is chosen.The boots are for comfort, plus I liked given the outfit the whole grunge (of the 90s) effect, but with lighter colors not the usual black. If it wasn’t too warm out I would’ve thrown on a knit hat to add to the whole look. So did any of you go out into the madness of “Black Friday” and if so, what did you get? Any good deals?

Dress: Left on Houston (BCF)

Sweater: New York & Company

Boots: F21

Watch: Random

Bracelets: Tory Burch; Shamballa

Sunglasses: Club Monaco

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