Fun with Family

27 Nov

Saturday: My sister had a family dinner @ her house since she had to work on Thanksgiving. Some of the fam (my mom’s sisters/kids/grandkids; not extended family) came over (not everyone since we all live in different parts of the country it’s hard to get that to happen and then some of the older kids, like mine, that don’t have time for us “old folk” all the time!). We ate (alot; only some of food shown in pic) and did karaoke and laughed and taught the older ones (my aunts; not my mom cause apparently she already knew them; she did used to be the dancer of the family, so they say), “line dances” (cha cha slide; electric slide; cupid shuffle, etc.)and laughed some more. We had a blast! Most of us will feel it tomorrow, some had already started feeling it before we left! Karaoke was hilarious! Mommy insisting that she be the lead singer of all the songs she performed with her sisters! She is sooo bossy (but that’s o.k with my aunts, they’re used to it!) We didn’t play our usual games this time but we’ll get’em in next time! Overall had a great time! But we always do when we get together! As for the outfit, I decided to go barelegged, again, since the weather was so beautiful! Gotta take advantage of those unusually warm, late November days of the East Coast! The dress I purchased probably 4-5 yrs ago just didn’t wear it until now. Thought it would be too short for church and too tight around the hip area (I told you I don’t like showing my hips). I know most of you wouldn’t consider it tight, but if it reveals the shape of my hips, it’s too, o.k, fitted for me. I had a cropped jacket but it was just too warm for it until nightfall. But I got over that and wore it anyway.

Dress: M.Kors (Marshalls)

Boots: Prada (Designer Consigner)- deal of the year! well 2nd, YSL jacket 1st

Watch: M.Kors (old)

Bracelets: H&M; Random;Thrifted; American Eagle

Necklace: Random (old)

Nails: “Last Chance” (Sinful Colors)

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