Aspen Or Bust

3 Dec

Friday: Not really going to Aspen (I despise snow and would only be found lounging at the resort and shopping; would not even touch the snow if I could help it!), just feel that this outfit could easily go from the streets to the slopes just by changing the boots, adding some gloves and a scarf. I had been looking for a pair of good quality, Nordic or Aztec print knit pants. These aren’t exactly what I’ve been looking for but they do the job. I really want a loose fitting pair like the ones that Shopbop carries by Charlotte Ronson. But they are out sold out, plus they probably cost more than I am will to pay anyway. I did see a pair @ H&M a few months back but passed on them at that time because they weren’t the print/colors that I wanted (the ones I wanted were sold out!).

Vest: Allen B (JCP-old)

Sweater: American Eagle (very old!)

Pants: Heart-n-Crush (BCF)

Boots: Kelsi Dagger (Marshalls)

Jewelry: Random; RL; RocaWear

Hat: Capelli

Aviators: RocaWear


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