My 2 Cent!

4 Dec

Saturday: I knew I had a long day today and just didn’t feel like wearing heels (for once!) Well, these aren’t exactly flats, but close enough. The blouse I bought because I like the black piping with the “nude” color. I actually bought 2 other colors of this style. They remind me of the Z Spoke one I got at the CCCS event in October (haven’t worn it yet, but you will see it when I do). I like how these blouses are made to look like classic silk pajamas. I wore it with the basic black straight leg jeans to dress it down. The boots are a pair that I had been stalking during the Summer. I loved the distressed crackled texture of them and also the style was different from anything else I own. I saw them on the clearance rack but they weren’t yet marked down quite enough for me. I took the chance of leaving them (they were the only ones in my size; probably the only ones of their kind in general) in hopes of (well I knew they would be marked down further, eventually) them still being there and at a much less price. So I went by to visit them, approx. 2x a week, to see if they were where I needed them to be price wise. Lo and behold, after about 2-3 months, I went to do my weekly driveby, and they weren’t where I had last seen them! I began to panic, but as I frantically eyeballed every shoe on every rack of my particular size, finally, there they were! And they had been marked down 80% off, the price I had been waiting for! It was definitely meant to be! I scooped these babies up and happily skipped my way up to the register (not really skipped, but you know what I mean; doing the happy dance in my head!). So when I said these were the only ones in the store, I meant because DSW in Delaware, doesn’t usually carry the higher end designer names, when you do see any, they are returns from other stores so they are the only pair in this particular store. I usually like to shop in the New Jersey DSW stores because they get those higher end designers due to their demographic population that they cater to. And you can always find great steals on their clearance racks. Also, I always like to shop off-season, meaning not for what you would wear for the current season we are in (speaking for the East Coast; don’t know if this applies in other parts of the country; East Coast has the 4 distinct seasonal changes). For instance, in the Summer, you can find boots, coats, and sweaters on clearance from the Fall/Winter. That’s how I got these boots. Usually, most people don’t shop that way so you can always find good deals. Also, when the stores start putting out the upcoming seasons pieces, it’s best to get them early before everyone else starts to pick over everything or the pieces that you really wanted are sold out! Well, that’s my 2cent on that situation, I hope it is helpful to you. Take Care!

P.S.: As for the 2 cent remark, it’s an old school term. Some of you may get it, some may not; O well, it’s not that serious anyway;)

Nails: “Suzi Love Cowboys” (OPI)

Jacket: Laundry by Shelli Segal (TJ Maxx; Marshalls currently has some on clearance)

Blouse: GAP

Jeans: A.N.A (JCP)

Belt: Ferragamo (Designer Consigner)-another “stalked” piece

Hat: Vintage Halston (CCCS)

Boots: Marc Jacobs (DSW)

Necklace: Worthington (JCP)

Bracelets: Loehmann’s; Random: Shamballa; Thrifted

Watch: M.Kors

Clutch: Random (very old)

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