14 Dec

Sunday: These pants are one of my finds from the CCCS event I went to back in October. The tartan/plaid pattern is what attracted me to them but when I tried them on and realized that they were high-waisted with this awesome belt, I was sold. The belt reminds me of the name belts that we wore back in the 80s (that they tried to bring back recently). I wanted to keep the look classic so I chose the ever classic/timeless turtleneck. The turtleneck is so on trend right now even though I have tons of them in many colors and fabrics, regular, cowl necks, sweaters, etc., that I wear every winter and purchase new ones to replace worn out ones. But you know how fashion can be, if a celebrity is seen wearing something, it’s “the new trend”. I thought about wearing a stacked heel loafer of some type but then I decided these wooden bottom booties would give the outfit more edge and not be so stuffy and boring (hence the reason for the headband too; besides the fact that I feel naked when I don’t wear a hat, scarf, or something over my hair). Just realized these pants remind of something Gwen Stefani would wear from her LAMB Collection! Also, Alexander McQueen (and others) had done some plaid pieces as he was also seen wearing plaid kilts,  in their collections.

P.S.- Excuse the frowns, the sun was killing my eyes!; Also random picture Javar likes to throw in the mix!

Blazer: Liz Claiborne (Thrifted)

Turtleneck: Random (old)

Pants: Escada (CCCS)

Booties: Random (old)


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