Dancing With The “Stars”

17 Dec

Thursday: Tonight was our holiday gathering @ the job. A few months back, the office had won a contest sponsored by an orthodontists’ office that we refer to (GNO). The prize was for ballroom dancing lessons for our office. So, since it’s so hard to get everyone together on an off day, it was decided that we do the lessons before we go to our holiday dinner. We had a lot a fun! It is definitely VERY HARD! (I am not a dancer! I dance only for fun, not taking myself too serious!). Not that I ever thought it was easy, but I definitely have a greater respect for the nonprofessionals on “Dancing With The Stars” (and we only did a few steps in an hour). The gentleman instructor was great! When he approached us individually (meaning me and my partner), he laughed with us as he showed us proper technique. But when the female instructor came around, stone-faced I must add, she was very mean and was way too serious! Come to find out, she not only treated us this way, but everyone else too! What she failed to realize was that we were there for fun, we are not trying to become professionals in no way! I understand that she takes her profession serious, but this was not one of those types of lessons. It was not that serious! (check out her facial expression in the above picture where she is standing in front of “the class”; I think this partial smile is because she knew her picture was being taken; we got the sourpuss/mean mug face). Overall it was a good night anyway! As far as my outfit, this bustier-style jumpsuit was purchased about 1-2 yrs ago. I was going to put a fitted Tneck on underneath it, but decided to wear it this way due to the warm temp. outside and the possibility of getting too hot from dancing. Glad I did because I did get hot! Also, chose these animal print booties to play off the all black and give the look more edge, plus they are comfortable enough for dancing. Dinner was delicious! I had the Chilean Sea Bass, crab fried rice and mac/cheese (just finished my leftovers for lunch! Love it!). Did you attend any holiday parties yet? How were they? Enjoy your weekend!

Jumpsuit: Bisou Bisou (JCP-old)

Booties: Wild Rose (BCF)

Jacket: Ali & Kris (BCF)

Necklace: Worthington (JCP)

Cuff: ? (JCP)

Watch: M.Kors

*Photos taken by GNO employee-thanks


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