“CHRIST”mas Day

27 Dec

Sunday Night: Last minute pics before turning in for the night (I just do not like indoor pictures!  The lighting does nothing for the outfit; the daylight got away from us too fast so it is what it is). It’s been a long day! Starting off “Christ”mas day by attending church. And why not, just because Christmas fell on a Sunday this year doesn’t mean that you should have skipped church. Jesus is the reason for the season! It sounds cliche but it is true. If there was no birth of Jesus Christ, there would be no “Christ”mas. Whether or not you believe that the day was the actual day that Christ was born on, doesn’t matter. It is the day that we use to remember His birth. So aside from all the hype and commercialism that has overtaken the real meaning of “Christ”mas, remember that it is all about Christ’s birth and what that means to us as Christians. Not to say that you can’t exchange gifts, just don’t let that act of receiving get the best of you by allowing you to only focus on what someone has or has not giving you. It is not all bout receiving. It’s more about the giving and how it makes the giver feel to give and the way the giver feels when the receiver is appreciative and thankful for what they have received. Especially when the receiver is someone that is less fortunate and grateful for whatever they receive! Speaking of generous givers, I don’t know if any of you have been hearing of the “Secret Santas” who have been going around to K-Mart stores throughout the country and paying off toy/clothing layaways. These generous people have be anonymously paying off layaways, unbenounced to the layaway holder. I’ve seen it on the news where people go to payoff and pickup their layaways and then are told by the sales person that it has already been paid off. Personally, I’ve heard of this happening. My mom was actual out with her friend who was picking up a $150 balance layaway that she had put on for her nieces and nephews. Mom was in another part of the store when this friend came up to her almost in tears and barely able to speak, telling my mom that her layaway had been paid down, basically off completely, she only had to pay $1. She was ecstatic and that same excitement was also felt by my mom who was sooo happy for her! It just goes to show us that there are still good people out there. I know, some might say that they are probably wealthy people who have more than enough money. That may be true, but they still didn’t have to do it! They could have been just like any other well-off individual and keep all of their money to themselves, but they chose to bless someone else! So good for them and God bless them! So how was your “Christ”mas? Hope you enjoyed!

My Outfit:

Blazer: Thrifted

Sweater: Thrifted

Navy Corduroy Shorts: Old Navy (last year)

Belt: GAP

Boots: Tod’s (TJ Maxx-last year)

Javar’s Outfit:

Sweater: American Living (JCP)

Plaid Shirt: Hollister

Khaki Pants: Arizona (JCP)

Brown Leather/Tweed Boots: Polo (Marshalls)


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