Curves Ahead

27 Dec


Sunday: Since Christmas is on a Sunday this year, it’s still a church day for my family. I found this dress on the clearance rack and it was the print peeking out from amongst the tons of other dresses that caught my eye. I love the color combination of the blue with the tan and the traces of black. But when I pulled it out from all the other dresses, I realized that it was that clingy fabric that I usually stray away from. Remember, I don’t really like wearing things that are too fitted over my hips that’s why I always shy away from the body-con dresses/skirts that are so popular right now. But as I told you before, you must try things on! So I gave it a shot. As you see I felt very comfortable, not just physically but mentally, in it (I know, that’s one of my body image issues-my wide hips; we all have them! you just have to know how to get over it and dress accordingly!). I think it turned out well, especially with the jacket over top. Speaking of jacket, I love this jacket more now than I did before. Seeing it in the pics really shows the true art of the design. I love the sillouette of how curvy it makes me look! I actually bought this jacket during my 1st CCCS event 4 yrs ago. I told you of how crazy the women can be there. Well, I found this jacket and was trying it on with all of my other pieces that I had found and this lady (who by the way was all up in my business!) was eyeballing me and tried to convince me that the jacket didn’t fit me! Obviously she only said that to try to get me to put it back on the rack so she can snatch it up. Wrong! Didn’t work cause even if I couldn’t button it up I would’ve still got it and worn it open. I can’t blame her for trying though, it was such a great “steal”. It’s Thierry Mugler (possibly vintage, I’m not sure) and it was under 100 bucks! So to the lady out there who thought she could get one over on me (she didn’t know who she was messing with, I know a great designer find; she probably thought I was an average shopper who didn’t know, I am A SHOPPER and know a little something about different designers), IN YOUR FACE! THE JACKET IS AWESOME! and it looks great on me! (Not to toot my own horn, but beep beep!). See I told you a great outfit/piece can make you feel good!;) O yeah, I love my new Tory Burch earrings! A basic gold stud featuring her well-known T logo that goes with everything! They send me a gift card every year for Christmas and these are what I purchased with it this year. And since they were doing shipping guaranteed for Christmas, I ordered them one Tuesday and they were here by Wednesday (without paying extra for next day delivery; unexpected, but awesome! now that’s what I’m talking about!) Thanks Tory!! So did all of your packages arrive on time?

Jacket: Thierry Mugler

Dress: American Living (JCP)

Booties: Jessica Simpson (old,old)

Clutch: Vintage

Necklace: ? (JCP-last yr)

Earrings: Gold Logo Stud ( c/o Tory Burch)

Watch: M.Kors

Bracelet: ? (don’t remember/old)

Sunglasses: D&G; Nine West


3 Responses to “Curves Ahead”

  1. K-Line January 10, 2012 at 09:10 #

    Fantastic outfit!

  2. Yomi January 24, 2013 at 12:21 #


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