Bye Bye 2011!

1 Jan

Saturday: It’s New Year’s Eve! Ran out to do some errands so this is what I wore. The temperature today was awesome! Mid 50’s, very warm for an end of December day on the East Coast! I even had some ice cream while I was out (not that I only eat ice cream during the summer or anything; I eat it year round but just not outside of my warm house during the winter!). These pictures don’t quite show the color of my jeans well, but they are a raisin/eggplant color. I’ve had them for a few years now.  They actually used to be a little more fitted on me before I lost weight, but they still work. I love the looseness of the knit sweater, how it drapes. The leather jacket is a stone color that compliments all the other colors. So I decided to stay at home tonight (don’t hang out anyway, but would’ve gone to church as usual) and bring in the new year with my family (well, those who are not going out; the older ones probably have other plans). We will eat some good food (trying out a new mac n cheese recipe I got out of Essence Magazine), play some games and watch the New Year’s Eve specials on t.v. So I look forward to a new year and everything God has in store for me and my family! I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, I just have goals that I want to accomplish and I just do it, not just @ the beginning of the year, but throughout the entire year. So do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Have a safe and Happy New Year! Talk to you in 2012!!!!!!

Jacket: Bernardo Collection TJ Maxx or Marshalls-old)

Sweater: XXI (Forever21)

Jeans: GAP (old)

Boots: Anne Michelle (Marshalls)

Head Scarf: UO (Summer)

Jewelry: Random


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