Street Style-Men’s Knitwear

2 Jan

This is my oldest nephew and my youngest son (my photographer). My nephew is in college in Georgia and has graced us with his presence for his entire break this year! He usually only comes up for like a day or two because he doesn’t like to miss work,  so we are sooo happy that he’s here for an extended stay this time! My son is such a giant! He is actually 10 yrs younger than my nephew and stands well over top of him, as you can see! He is just a big boy for his age! He is actually almost as tall as my middle son. I hope he doesn’t grow too much more. I say that in reference to the difficulties I will have when buying his clothes. Anything over a 34 length is hard to find, especially in the regular stores where he likes to shop. And let’s not even talk about shoe size. I do not envy mothers who have sons with size 13 and up feet! Anyway, this is what the fellas wore to church today.

Labels include: American Eagle; Levis; H&M;Timberland; JCP; Arizona; Polo


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