New Years Day 2012

2 Jan

I changed into this outfit after church. Just some comfy jeans and shirt. Put the cardigan on because even though it was nice out today, it was still a bit windy. I very rarely wear sneakers but have a few casual pair to throw on when I get in the mood (other than my work sneakers that I have to wear everyday, ugg!). I took some time out to watch my nephews play football with Pop Pop, who also snapped these pics for me. They were too funny! Especially the youngest, who was very serious about his game. The older one actually plays on an organized team so he has some skillz!  I stayed out there for little while, then went back in to eat and watch football. How did you spend your New Years Day? Are you off work tomorrow? I am, woo hoo!!!! Have a blessed week!

Cardigan and Jeans: Forever 21 (very old)

Shirt: Abercrombie (2 yrs ago)

Sneakers: Converse Chucks

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