Untamed Panther

2 Jan

Sunday: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! First outfit post of 2012 for 1st State Style. I’m looking for to a great year full of blessings! Also, I will mark my 1st anniverary for this blog in the next few months! This dress I’ve had for about 5yrs or so now. I originally wore it to my cousin’s college graduation dinner/party. I was in the month of June so I wore it with platform sandals. I haven’t worn it again since, so when I came across it in the closet, I decided I would give it another go, except with boots this time around! The print is what initially attracted me to it. I can never resist a good, loud print, especially when colors are involved. The tie neck just added to it. I love a tie neck, it gives off that 70’s secretary vibe that I love so much. The only thing that’s missing, that would have been the icing on the cake, would’ve been if this dress had pockets! I wore it loose and flowy but could have easily styled it belted at the waist (maybe I’ll try it that way next time; it will probably be another 5 yrs before I wear it again!). It’s a timeless print and silhouette so I will keep it forever! I threw the vest on just as a completer piece and to keep with the throwback/vintage look. My son called my vest an “untamed panther”, that’s where the title came from. He always has jokes! How was your NYE? Have you recovered yet?

Vest: Xhilaration (Target-old)

Dress: DVF (Loehmann’s-very old)

Boots: Carlos Santana (BCF-old)

Sunglasses: MNG (JCP)

Jewlery: Random; Thrifted

Watch: M.Kors


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