4 Jan



Ok, so I have been stalking these booties for a while now! Well, this exact pair and others just like them. The gray flannel material ones, the all black ones, etc. They are by Alexander Wang, who makes some really awesome footwear (but expensive, well, average designer prices, but not what I would normally pay). I do buy designer,  but in no way will I pay retail price for any of it. And not only does it have to be on sale, but it has to be a definite steal, I’m talking over 50% off and it still depends on how much it is then! So when I saw these babies on Yoox marked down 70% off, I had to have them! They are having a great sale on alot of Wang footwear/clothing and other well-known designer items. I was so excited to get these! They arrived in no time @ all. They were perfect! Exactly what I expected, until I tried them on(I usually read reviews before I buy, but this site didn’t have any and I wanted to get them before they sold out; I know next time I will read reviews from other sites 1st!). They fit true to size, but when I went to walk in them, it was awful! They hurt from the very first step! Yeah, I know the heel is high (5.5 inches), but that was not the problem (I have heels that height that are very comfortable). The thing about these is that the way the boot is made, it curves up in the toe area, causing you to walk on the ball of your foot. Usually that’s not too much of an issue but my toes curved up so far in these that I was literally walking on the bone in the ball of the foot! Ouch! Not even workable for a minute! I know sometimes as women we are willing to suffer a little for fashion but this was unbearable! Totally not worth it if I wasn’t even to able to walk 5 feet without discomfort! I was so disappointed. I just don’t know how you girls who have these can do it. I know I wouldn’t wear them all the time (I never do with any of my shoes) but I wasn’t willing to waste the money on these. So I decided that these had to be returned:( . It was a little hard to see them go back but I felt better knowing that I didn’t waste my money on something that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy. Also I found an amazing pair of B Brian Atwood Edeline suede booties to replace the Wangs. They are very chic and will go with so much more than the Wangs. Of course, I got them at a deep discount, like 65% off @ Jildor shoes (they also have amazing sales, but you gotta be quick because they sell out fast), also others have a sale on them too like Saks. They are more of what I was looking for at this time anyway, a plain black bootie that could be dressed up or dressed down and they are super comfy (I can tell already!). They come in two other colors, burgundy and gray, which are both amazing. I wish I could get all three, but I’ll be happy with my black ones for now. These are from his “inexpensive” line, but still are pricey to the average, non- celebrity woman. But they are definitely more accessible monetarily then his regular line, but I still consider them to be a splurge at retail price. I can’t wait to wear them but I’ll give you a sneak peek @ them right now! The pictures don’t do them any justice!





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