Tougher than Leather

9 Jan

Sunday: Remember that Run DMC album “Tougher than Leather”? Ok, I know I’m dating myself on that one, by referencing  an “album”. Anyway, this post has nothing to do with either, I just named it that because of the leather dress I’m wearing. Anyway, I picked this dress up from Designer Consigner. I had my eye on it and was about to purchase it until my attention got turned away from the dress to the Tory Burch riding boots I posted back in October. Then later, the same thing happened except with the Prada riding boots. I thought I had lost it forever!  3 months had passed when I went to DC to consign some of my stuff, that I looked for it and there it was! No one had snatched it up all this time! I decided that I had to have it, it was meant to be, KISMET! After all this time, no one had taken it home, the fashion angels knew that I would give it the perfect home! But it doesn’t end just like that. As I pulled it from the rack, I noticed a red line going thru the tag. Could it really be, was my dress on sale! Yes, not only was it still waiting for me to take it home, but it had been reduced to 50% off!!!! I was thrilled! So here it is! Anyway, I don’t what to call this color, sunflower?maybe?,  but I styled it with brown and put on the “leopard hair” peep toes (have you seen the shoes that are covered in animal “hair”? for instance a lot of designers have done pony hair shoes/accessories, well these are a cheap version, “faux hair”) to give the outfit more edge/interest. I put on my Fozzie the Bear (yall remember him from the Muppets right?, well, he was more of an orange-ish color but the fur is the same texture) cropped jacket to give the dress more “omph”, but also for warmth. What do you think?

Dress: Spencer Jeremy (Designer Consigner)

Jacket: Anne Klein (Marshalls)

Belt: Vintage

Shoes:  Pia di Franco(BCF)

Necklace: Vintage (Sista’s)

Jewelry: Thrifted; Random

Earrings: Tory Burch

Ring: ??? (don’t remember)

Nails: (dark)Sinful Colors-“Nirvana” (light) UO-“Plan B”

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