Head of Estate

16 Jan

Friday: Wow, what a difference a week makes! This weather is sooo crazy! Last weekend we were in the 60’s and now it’s like 30 degrees! Ok, so what, I know it’s winter but I do prefer to be warm/hot over being cold any day! We have just been blessed by the mild weather that we were having. And since we haven’t had any significant snow yet, I can’t really complain too much! Anyway, I wore this to go check out this estate sale that the thrift store “Sister’s” was hosting. They actually buy houses full of items and then sell them off to the public. Initially the sale takes place at the house then what’s left they take to their store and sell it. I have always been interested in seeing what an estate sale was like. I have seen them advertised in the newspaper before but never actually been to one. So when I was in  Sister’s last week, they told me of the sale and I decided I would check it out. This estate sale wasn’t the exact type that I wanted to go to (you know, affluent owners who have old money!), but it was interesting. Nothing too much that I wanted but alot of other people were in there buying out the contents of the house (the sale consisted of everything that was in the house, including furniture, clothing, tools, jewelry, etc). It was an experience that I hope to do again but in a more affluent neighborhood. I’ll be on the lookout for one of those. P.S.- As you will notice in the next few posts that I have my hands curled up, no I’m not hiding undone fingernails, I’m just cold and the hand balling up thing is an unconscious reaction to the fridget temps! Thanks for stopping by! Stay warm!!!

Sweater: Old Navy (past season)

Turtleneck: GAP (last year)

Jeans: DVB by Victoria Beckham (old)

Boots: Michael Kors (old)

Belt: ? (very old)

Bracelets: JCP; Shamballa; Thrifted; Chanel

2 Responses to “Head of Estate”

  1. m1ke1970 January 6, 2016 at 15:52 #

    LOVE your blue turtleneck!

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