Olive Me

29 Jan

Saturday: I dug out these old camo cargos because I thought the color and style of these wedge booties would work well with them (so what if camo is not “on trend” right now). I know the colors aren’t exact but that’s the way I like it. I wore the striped sweater because I know stripes and camo don’t really “go” together but I like how they look together. I think they work because the colors are all neutrals and the contrast of the two give the outfit more interest. I wore this to the mall so my youngest could get some sneakers. I wanted to wear some comfy shoes for all the walking (you know I just can’t go to the mall and only go into sneaker stores). I threw on the camo belt to “camouflage” in with the pants (also needed it to keep my pants from falling down!) and I like how the gold studs pop against the camo. I just gives a little something to an overall neutral, non-girly outfit (sorry gold studs don’t show up well in pics). And in case you’re wondering what the “F” on the chain stands for, when I saw it will thrifting back in the Spring/Summer I originally bought it to stand for my maiden name. So, today, of course, my son asked me what it stood for (all while calling me GI Joe, which I rebutted with “GI Jane”, thank you). I told him of the maiden name thing, then I said “or Fabulous, Fly, Fierce”, whatever I may be feeling at the time I’m wearing it! It’s vintage, a wooden block with the letter in gold metal on a gold chain.

And as you see, another windy day but not as bad as yesterday. Just a little blowing of the bangs. I am slowly starting to embrace this natural hair thing! I actually like it, a little, I think?, I’m trying to work with it! I like variety, so I’ve been trying to do different styles with it just like when I was relaxed. I like the thickness of it though. My hair has always been thick but when you relax for so long, those chemicals literally strip the hair of it’s natural texture (I have been really learning alot about relaxers/chemical hair straightners during this journal to au natural!). I can definitely see a difference in my hair with using the all natural products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) that I have been using. They are alot better for your hair and love the natural clean smell I get when I use them (they are more expensive, but well worth it!) I still have a substantial amount of relaxer on the ends so I can’t wait for it all to be gone which will make it easier to wear in all out curly styles. Ok, enough about my hair. What did you do on this lovely Saturday? P.S.-Christiana Mall was off the hook! It seems like Christmas time all over again! Since they have stepped up their game, we definitely seem to get alot more shopping traffic then in the past. Alot of out of staters come for the tax free shopping. I just can’t wait until they are done with the road work for the new entrance/exits for the mall because traffic is a mess (this mall was not made to accommodate all the people/cars that now visit it. Well, enjoy what’s left of the weekend! Thanks for reading!

Vest: Old Navy (last season)

Sweater: A.N.A. (JCP-Fall 2011)

Cargos: Almost Famous (Boscov’s-old)

Belt: M.Kors (Macy’s-old)

Boots: Wild Diva (Marshall’s)


Bracelets: Random; Thrifted; Fossil; BCF


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