12 Feb

Saturday: Enough is enough! This is our second day of snow this week! Ok, so we haven’t had too much of a winter, so why should I complain. I don’t care, I’m still gonna complain! Some people seem to think that because our winter hasn’t been so bad that Spring/Summer are going to be “normal”. Well, according to my weatherman (the best there is I might add!), Spring is going to be cold! Of course, I know that man is not the predictor of anything, only God has that authority. But if I had to listen to any meteorologist it would be my Channel 10 team. And no, they do not pay me for endorsing them, lol (they should though!). Anyway, this is what I wore today. These boots are a pair that I “found” under my bed a week ago. I call them my santa claus boots. I believe I only wore them one time 4-5 yrs ago when I purchased them. They are super comfy and very warm, which was perfect for today’s outing. They were just shedding like crazy! I don’t remember that from before when I wore them, but I could’ve just forgotten. Side Note: Just got the news that Whitney Houston has died! Unbelievable (but not too hard to believe considering the lifestyle)! But still not to be taken too lightly. Condolescences to her daughter and rest of family. She was truly a legend with the voice that was phenomenal! A God-given gift for sure! R.I.P. Whitney, you and that voice will be missed!

Sweater: Abercrombie (very, very old)

Shirt: Abercrombie

Jeans: Levi’s

Boots: M.Kors (Loehmann’s)

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; Ralph Lauren


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