Navy and Pink

13 Feb

Sunday: This is what I wore today. I layered a button down with this sweater to be warm on this frigid day. After the mixed bag of weather yesterday, it was nice to get a dry, sunny day. I’m going to be positive about the weather today and not complain about how cold and windy it actually was despite the sunshine! I tried getting these pics while the sun was out, but that didn’t go over to well as you can tell. My photographer wasn’t with me today so I had to use the tripod. I just don’t like using that thing because the pictures don’t feel natural to me, they feel rushed. Anyway, I chose this “secluded” location as to not get any weird stares from people. If you’ve ever taken photos out in public, you can relate to how people gawk at you. Other bloggers talk about this alot (the ones who use tripods). Even when you have someone else taking your pics, people still stare. I guess they are just curious as to what you are doing (or just nosey). I encountered one of the nosey ones today. As I said I was back in the cut taking these pics, when I looked up, this man just so happen to be walking his dog back there. Now I know he probably never walks his dog back this far, he just saw me and wanted to be nosey. Needless to say, I just ignored him and kept doing what I was doing! Well, that’s all for now. Watching the Grammy Awards Red Carpet!(gotta get my fashion fix!). Can’t wait to see the performances, especially J.Hud and her Whitney Houston tribute! Getting my tissues ready right now. Hope you had a great weekend!

Blazer: American Living (JCP-old)

Sweater: M.Kors (Macy’s-very old)

Gingham Shirt: H&M

Jeans: Habitual for Tory by TRB (Loehmann’s- old)

Shoes: Franco Sarto (Footprints-very old)

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; R.Lauren

Scarf: Vintage

Nails: “Yellow” (Cheap brand from local hair supply store-hence the lack of creativity in the name of the color)

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