19 Feb

Saturday: So initially I didn’t plan to wear so much pink. The polish is a recent purchase that I wanted to give a try so that was already planned. Then came the sweater. I picked this up when my mom asked me to go to my local Old Navy to see if they had a certain pair of booties in her size that they didn’t have at her local store. So I blame her for me going in there and picking up what she wanted and a few things for myself. To make matters worse, they had just done markdowns and had some awesome deals! So this sweater was one of those deals, in addition to another one with different colors (you know me and multiples). I love the color combination! I had the boots for several years and they came to mind when I was thinking of what footwear would compliment the look. When looking for what lipstick to wear, I came across this shade of pink, my old school Wet n Wild #521. My old ” go to” favorite from 5th grade thru high school (and no, my mom didn’t know I was wearing lipstick in the 5th grade; you know you put on makeup once you got to school, or changed to clothes that you knew weren’t allowed to wear!). I only did the makeup thing, was never one to want to dress “sexy” or inappropriate, not my thing! Not even now, as an adult, sexy is never a look that I intentionally go for. I dress for style and fashion and if it happens to look “sexy”, that’s just a coincidence and not on purpose. Not to say there’s anything wrong with a women wanting to look sexy. To each her own. If that’s what gives you confidence and makes you feel good, go for it! So how what you describe your style and what you wear? What’s your “go to” look?Preview

Sweater: Old Navy

Jeans: Hollister (old)

Belt: Talbots

Booties: M.Kors (old)

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; Shamballa; Fossil; Myrtle Beach

Watch: M.Kors

Nails: “Binge” (UO)


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