It’s Always Black and White

20 Feb

Sunday: First I need to explain the fact that I have committed a fashion felony. I am wearing a black undergarment under a white shirt when I should be wearing a nude one. This is one rule that I usually always follow and you should to. Whenever you are wearing a light colored top or bottom, you should always wear nude undergarments (never black, white, colored or printed). As you can see, they do show through. Well, I can justify this today. Initially, I was going to wear a black dress over this white turtleneck. I put the turtleneck on prior to doing my hair and makeup as to not disturb things after they were done. When I put on the dress that I planned to wear, I realized that it was just too short for church. So as a last resort, I grabbed this skirt to wear but was unable to change my shirt because my hair/makeup was already done and I was not going to redo it all. So this fashion faux pa is what is the end result. FYI- I did leave my jacket on throughout the entire church service. I wasn’t going to show up with my black bra showing after I made it a point not to wear a too short dress! I added the neon bag (a trend for Spring) for a pop of color. In case your wondering about the hairdo today, it was inspired by some past runway shows where their inspiration came from Bride of Frankenstein or the beehive trend. I told you before, I’m from Jersey, we like big hair (sometimes)! Hope you had a great weekend!

Jacket: Clothes by Revue (BCF-old)

Turtleneck: ?

Skirt: Worthington (JCP)

Tights: Dolci Calze (TJ Maxx-old)

Boots: YSL

Headband: ? (very old)

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted

Brooch: Vintage

Bag: Old Navy

Gloves: Target (old)


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