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Made in China

26 Mar

Sunday: Just a casual jeans and tee shirt outfit with a jacket and heels. The jacket was thrifted, I don’t remember when, but I always wanted a Chinese coat. This one was actually made in China, as the tag inside the pocket indicates. I know, everything is made in China. I believe this one is an authentic Chinese piece because of the designer’s label. I don’t really know or care because I like it anyway. As you can see, it’s reversible! That’s a bonus! Two pieces in one, always a win-win situation! More bang for your buck, literally because this piece was only a few bucks to begin with! How was your weekend? Have a blessed week ahead!

P.S.- New thrift store (Avantea Thrift Store) only open for three months; not a big selection right now but hopefully will get better. I did found a few pairs of shoes, which is a rare find for my size when thrifting. They buy your clothes and give you a check or a gift cert. for their store which is more than the cash they give you, within 24 hrs., unlike consignment stores (I’ll do a post on the what a thrift store is vs what is a consignment store, later). Michelle and I sold some stuff. Very cute setup in a boutique type of way (inspiration of how I want my store to look!). It’s adjoined to a tea shop/restaurant. Very nice sales associate and owner. Check it out if you’re in the area!

Jacket: Thrifted

Tee: JCP (old)

Boyfriend Jeans: A.N.A (JCP-old)

Belt: Cynthia Rowley (old-recently rediscovered w/tags)

Shoes: Nine West (Avantea Thrift Store)


Watch: M.Kors (old)

Bracelets: Thrifted; Random; Shamballa; Fossil; Loehmann’s

Nails: “Baby Blue” (F21)

Sheer Madness

24 Mar

Friday: Perfection!!! The weather, that is! Highs today predicted to around 80 degrees! I had to run out early morning, when it was still pretty chilly out, 50’s, so I decided to wear these salmon colored skinnies and a blazer over this sheer top. The top I picked up a few months ago. I was drawn to the sheerness of it and the nude color. It is a very delicate, soft piece and feels really good against the skin. But because of the delicateness, I soon realized that it snags very easily. I don’t know how, but before the end of the day, I noticed a little snag line running across the front. I’m not too upset because it’s really not that noticable unless you’re all up on me, which you shouldn’t be anyway (stay out of the personal space!). The other thing is that it wasn’t too expensive. Well, it’s a well-made top but I got it at a deep discount. I decided to wear a nude cami underneath (didn’t wanna expose too much!). I like how the nude looks with the salmon color. I also like how the blue of the blazer pops against the other colors. I guess you can say I was color blocking, but I wasn’t even trying to, that’s just the 1st jacket I saw to grab as I was running out of the house. See how you can put an outfit together that’s looks good, without even trying too hard. Those are always the best, in my opinion, when you don’t put too much thought into it! And a jacket/blazer always ups the chicness/put-togetherness of almost any outfit. Don’t mind my grammar and made up words, I know they’re not real words, I just write whatever I’m thinking at the time. That’s just me! So, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful, warm, above average Friday because it’s all downhill from here. My weather team, lead by Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz says that for the next 5 or so days, we will not be above 60ish (I know, they are not God, but I’m just saying!). Enjoy your weekend anyway! Have a Blessed One!

Blazer: Thrifted

Top: Fenn Wright Manson (TJ Maxx)

Skinnies: Mossimo (Target)

Shoes: Guess

Jewelry: Shamball; Vintage; Thrifted; Chanel

Watch: M.Kors


19 Mar

Sunday: So I finally decided to wear these booties that I posted about a while ago here. I know they would look good even with tights, but when I got them I had it in my mind to put them with this outfit, which I thought looked better barelegged. So, after a few months wait, and a break in the weather, I am giving them an appearance. Since they are suede, I needed to wear them while it was dry out but not too warm out! The gold accent on the heel is my favorite part of the bootie especially with the designer’s signature etched into the inside part of the heel. I also love the gray and burgundy ones (want them too!). The skirt, I purchased last year, I think, when I picked up this other one seen in this post. I love the abstract print on it! It reminds me of a beautiful work of art. The “flowers” that are wonderfully disguised by the muted colors and the abstract technique. The fabric is a shiny coated, but soft polyester (not the usual poly of the 70s; even though I have an affinity for that too!) with a lightweight polyester lining. If one didn’t know any better, it could definitely pass for a more expensive fabric/higher end designer piece (but it only cost $7.99!). Very well made with a great structure to it!(I don’t even have to mention the pockets!!!) I wish I could find another, but you know it goes at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Anyway, I paired it with this leather top to give it more edge. I could have easily taken it into the lady-like realm by pairing it with a blouse and lady-like heels. And yes, they are very comfy! Way better than the ones that I returned and replaced these with! Looking forward to the 1st day of Spring Tuesday and free water ices all day @ Ritas! It’s going to actually be warm enough to enjoy them, for once, this year! I hope they have my favorite, Passion, if not I’ll do the Swedish Fish. What’s your favorite? Enjoy your upcoming week! God Bless!

Leather Top: SAS Sportswear (Marshall’s)

Tee: Marina Luna (Marshall’s-last yr) Softest ever, 95%Modal cotton/5% Spandex! Under $10 but great quality tee!

Skirt: Express (Marshall’s-old)

Booties: “Edeline” B Brian Atwood (Jildor Shoes)

Sunglasses: D&G

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; Tory Burch; Vince Camuto; R. Lauren

Men’s Style

19 Mar

Sometimes men’s style trends go hand-in-hand with women’s trends. So today I’m featuring the men’s trend of colored pants. Just like for women, you now are seeing men’s pants/jeans in a variety of colors. Many times men, especially American men, aren’t as much fashion risk takers as some of their foreign counterparts (ie: Italian men; I love their style! From the young to the older gentlemen). Menswear can sometimes be boring if the man doesn’t just experiment with different styles other than the good ole American uniform of plain blue jeans (laughing to myself as I am hearing that lady from the Ebay commerical trying to give “Susie” her old blue jeans from the blue jean bin!; ok, sorry, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about), but anyway. Don’t get me wrong, there are alot American men with great style!  As I admire the style of alot of men I see on various blogs (esp. Scott Schuman’s “The Sartorialist” and “Melrose and Spaulding“), I try to push the men in my life (not so fast, I’m talking about my husband and my 3 sons!), to step outside of their style box. So this is an example of that as I styled Javar in this outfit today (as he was a little reluctant but went with it anyway). Just in little doses. I can’t push him too much, too fast! The green pop of these Old Navy pants is so refreshing! I also like how the brown Converse from Champs look with the green and white. What do you think? Are you liking the color in men’s style now days? Would the man/men in your life give it a try?

Short and Lacy

18 Mar

Saturday: As you probably seen in the previous post, I wore this to my mom’s 60th b-day party. I’ve had this dress for about a year now but never wore it because I didn’t have anywhere to wear it to (well, I could’ve worn it on a few occasions, but opted out) because of the short length. Since it was another gorgeous, warm “winter” day, I decided to go barelegged and barearmed. If it were colder out, I would’ve worn it with a turtleneck and tights. You already know how much I adore the sock and shoe thing, so that was an obvious decision! These “socks” I picked up last week at store going out of business. They are actual baby blue, if you can’t tell. I also bought lavender and orange, along with some colored stockings (I couldn’t resist, I haven’t seen those things since back in the day! and the dust on the pkg proved that even further!). I kinda felt like I was in a time warp of when I was a little girl and my mom dressed me for church with my ankle socks and my maryjanes! Can you believe the weather we’ve been having on the East Coast? I love it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got hit with some snow before it’s all said and done (I’m just saying; I’m not wishing for anything!). I’ve had a long day, now off to bed! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! God Bless!

Jacket: Thrifted

Dress: I Heart Ronson (JCP-old)”

“Socks”(knee highs): Local Beauty Supply/Everything Store

Shoes: Random (BCF)

“Clutch” (tablet case): Old Navy

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted: Tory Burch; R.Lauren; Vince Camuto; Shamballa

Watch: Random (Loehmann’s-old)


The Big 6-0!!

18 Mar

Saturday: So this day has finally come and gone! We had been planning for this party for the past few months. That’s where most of the running around that I’ve been doing on the weekends, was all about. I just couldn’t mention it because my mom does read my blog. Well, it was a 60th surprise party for my mom. She didn’t have any idea, at all, that it was taking place (hence the photo of here covering her face and crying!). I first want to thank my aunt Carla, whom she is around the majority of the time, for keeping it a secret. Now, you may be wondering why I am thanking her for that. Well, Aunt Carla isn’t known to be the one in the family who can keep a secret (wink, wink, if you know what I mean; I won’t even tell you her nickname that I gave her). But anyway, we were worried about what she would tell mommy to get her to the hall (if you know my mom, you know she doesn’t like going anywhere where she doesn’t want to go or being bothered with people that she don’t want to be bothered with; yeah, that’s Jackie). Well, at the last minute, one of mommy’s cousins came up with the idea that someone she knew was having line dancing at that hall and that it would be fun for all of them to go. She agreed and that’s how Aunt Carla and Aunt Bee Bee got her there. Needless to say, she was extra surprised, not only because she didn’t have an inklin of what was taking place but also because she had just been talking trash about her family better be throwing her a party on her b-day, which is March 31st (she said all this because my other aunt invited her to a play on her actual b-day). So as you can see from the photos, everything turned out well and she was very happy, which is what the goal was! Thanks to all who had a part in it and all who attended!

P.S.- Shout out to my cousin Tammy (seen above in the tights and shorts combo), for your 1st appearance on my blog! Thanks for following me!

P.S.S.- Funny story (well, not story but anyway); my cousin Dina mentioned that she was looking at Michelle like “I know her from somewhere”, then she realized that she knew her from my blog! Thanks for reading, cousin!

Wiggle When You Walk

17 Mar

Friday: This is the other knit maxi dress that I picked up from Old Navy a few months back (wore the other color here). I wanted to be comfy today so I added the Chucks. The hat, I just love wearing any type of hat but I chose the on-trend baseball cap. They are in right now for females to wear. I think they give something extra to an outfit that you wouldn’t normally wear such a casual ball cap with. Mine is for fashion and function today. The forecast called for showers so I needed to keep my roots under wraps from the precipitation. It’s not easy being natural when you wanna wear a straight style and you have to be so mindful of any type of moisture that may cause those straight roots to expand, unwantingly! I made it back home before any rain (a sigh of relief!).  Another busy weekend ahead for me! Thanks for the comments and reading my blog. Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

P.S.- Hard to walk in this dress. Had to take short, slow strides (I have long legs!). So I wiggled when I walked!

Dress: Old Navy

Denim Vest: I Heart Ronson (JCP-old)

Shoes: Chuck Taylor Converse

Baseball Cap: H&M (Men’s Department)

Jewelry: Tory Burch; Shamballa; R.Lauren

Watch: Random