Pop of Pink

5 Mar

Saturday: So I decided to do a little 80’s thing today. When I saw these bright pink, patent leather, pointy-toe pumps ( I know, that’s a lot of p’s) I knew I had to have them!  And because of the fact that I have very narrow heels, I have a very hard time finding pumps, anything without an ankle strap, that actually stay on when I walk without flipping off my foot (and no, those heel pads don’t work because it’s my actual heel that is narrow so the ankle portion doesn’t make a difference). So this brand is perfect (even though they don’t have a good selection)! They so remind me of the days when “fluorescent” colors were the thing. But instead of rocking a pump, I had them in flats. We wore every color under the rainbow. I am so glad to see “neon” is the new trend. I will definitely be rocking it! But anyway, I love a cropped jacket. So when I found this, I instantly liked it, mainly because of the print with the big black buttons. But when I went to try it on it, how surprised and delighted I was to see the bow on the back! That actually made it that much more special to me! So this purchase was a no-brainer! I wore it with these straight-legged jeans to keep it modern. How was your Saturday? It actually turned out pretty nice after the rain!

Jacket: Vintage

Tank (underneath): JCP

Jeans: Stella McCarthy (old)

Shoes: Worthington (JCP)

Jewelry: Random; Vintage; Tory Burch


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