Modern Vintage

12 Mar

Sunday: This is the vintage coat dress that I found back in the Fall when I attended the annual CCCS. I initially picked it off the rack because it looked like a cute vintage coat. When I pulled it off the rack and began to try it on, I found out that after unbuttoning the buttons, the opening stopped there. You would have to step into it in order to put it on! I then came to the conclusion that it was not a regular coat, but a coatdress. That was something very different that I don’t see (at all, never came upon one before), so I knew I had to have it! I love the combo of the color blue with the green lining that peaks out from underneath. And of course the pockets are always a big selling point for me (I don’t know what it is about pockets, it just ups the chicness of a piece)! The gloves keep with the vintage/lady-like thing.  I wore these “girly” bow platforms to keep it girly/lady-like but they also make it a little more modern. And I just like a sock with a shoe, it makes the look more interesting than if I just wore tights. I added the highlighter color turband and bag to brighten things up. What do you thing? Would you or have you tried the socks/shoe thing? Have a blessed week! P.S.- It’s supposed to be 70 degrees this week on the East Coast, yay! Even though I’ll be couped up in the office all week but that’s o.k., I still welcome the warmer temps.

Vintage Coatdress: CCCS

Gloves: Vintage

Sunglasses: MNG by Mango (JCP)

Bag: Old Navy

Socks: Legale (JCP)

Shoes: Privileged by J.C. Dossier (Barefeet Shoes)

Turband: Deals Store (a chain of Dollar Tree)

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; Vince Camuto



One Response to “Modern Vintage”

  1. Designer Jewelry March 15, 2012 at 03:35 #

    Hello 1Ststatestyle,
    Thanks you for your post, Identifying the timeless pieces of now that will endure
    BTW great blogpost

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