Men’s Style

19 Mar

Sometimes men’s style trends go hand-in-hand with women’s trends. So today I’m featuring the men’s trend of colored pants. Just like for women, you now are seeing men’s pants/jeans in a variety of colors. Many times men, especially American men, aren’t as much fashion risk takers as some of their foreign counterparts (ie: Italian men; I love their style! From the young to the older gentlemen). Menswear can sometimes be boring if the man doesn’t just experiment with different styles other than the good ole American uniform of plain blue jeans (laughing to myself as I am hearing that lady from the Ebay commerical trying to give “Susie” her old blue jeans from the blue jean bin!; ok, sorry, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about), but anyway. Don’t get me wrong, there are alot American men with great style!  As I admire the style of alot of men I see on various blogs (esp. Scott Schuman’s “The Sartorialist” and “Melrose and Spaulding“), I try to push the men in my life (not so fast, I’m talking about my husband and my 3 sons!), to step outside of their style box. So this is an example of that as I styled Javar in this outfit today (as he was a little reluctant but went with it anyway). Just in little doses. I can’t push him too much, too fast! The green pop of these Old Navy pants is so refreshing! I also like how the brown Converse from Champs look with the green and white. What do you think? Are you liking the color in men’s style now days? Would the man/men in your life give it a try?


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