Sheer Madness

24 Mar

Friday: Perfection!!! The weather, that is! Highs today predicted to around 80 degrees! I had to run out early morning, when it was still pretty chilly out, 50’s, so I decided to wear these salmon colored skinnies and a blazer over this sheer top. The top I picked up a few months ago. I was drawn to the sheerness of it and the nude color. It is a very delicate, soft piece and feels really good against the skin. But because of the delicateness, I soon realized that it snags very easily. I don’t know how, but before the end of the day, I noticed a little snag line running across the front. I’m not too upset because it’s really not that noticable unless you’re all up on me, which you shouldn’t be anyway (stay out of the personal space!). The other thing is that it wasn’t too expensive. Well, it’s a well-made top but I got it at a deep discount. I decided to wear a nude cami underneath (didn’t wanna expose too much!). I like how the nude looks with the salmon color. I also like how the blue of the blazer pops against the other colors. I guess you can say I was color blocking, but I wasn’t even trying to, that’s just the 1st jacket I saw to grab as I was running out of the house. See how you can put an outfit together that’s looks good, without even trying too hard. Those are always the best, in my opinion, when you don’t put too much thought into it! And a jacket/blazer always ups the chicness/put-togetherness of almost any outfit. Don’t mind my grammar and made up words, I know they’re not real words, I just write whatever I’m thinking at the time. That’s just me! So, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful, warm, above average Friday because it’s all downhill from here. My weather team, lead by Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz says that for the next 5 or so days, we will not be above 60ish (I know, they are not God, but I’m just saying!). Enjoy your weekend anyway! Have a Blessed One!

Blazer: Thrifted

Top: Fenn Wright Manson (TJ Maxx)

Skinnies: Mossimo (Target)

Shoes: Guess

Jewelry: Shamball; Vintage; Thrifted; Chanel

Watch: M.Kors


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